Some people do indeed deserve to die.

Drudge is where I first read about this fucking abomination, but a quick google using some of the key words will give you more information.

Great. Lets pay for peoples HIV treatment. Lets encourage people to keep HIV floating around, because hey, it’s a lifestyle choice! I don’t care one way or the other about homosexuality in general, but these particular homosexuals need to be given a blindfold, cigarette, and bullet to the back of the head.


Jumping to conclusions based on a report that cites no research sources.

Yeah. That’s a reason to be a bigot and fall back on the lifestyle choice bullshit.

Obviously you do care about homosexuality with the stupid things you have said in that last post.

Dipshit, google it a bit for more info. Then shut the fuck up and join me in utter horror that this is going on.

If there is indeed a significant number of people actually TRYING to get this disease, I’m appalled. Granted, the source (Drudge) is not the most credible thing in the world, but if you Google the terms “gift givers” and “bug chasers,” enough links are returned from credible sources to suggest that the notion of people actively seeking out this disease isn’t entirely bullshit.

You righteous and stupid indignation aside, I have a bit more insight than you on this topic and probably others far too numerous to mention.

There are some men who do this.

It is stupid.

And it is a minority within a minority.

So… don’t hide behind indignation, you knuckle dragging, cousin fucking, neanderthal motherfucker. It doesn’t wash.

OK. I’ve settled down now. Nobody ‘deserves to die’. But holy shit!

Whoa there, fuck nugget. I don’t care if it is one person alone doing this, it is beyond all fucking belief. That (according to the drudge story) 25% of newly infected men wanted to get it, goes way beyond me expressing ‘indignation’, and well into me expressing calls for some people to get a swift boot to the head. Don’t try to white wash this, you gutless apologist.

I am not an apologist.


Isn’t this a little like trying to get cancer? Or flailing about in the Amazon with a flesh wound?

So people who are so psychologically disturbed that they attempt slow-motion suicide, or so stupid that they have unprotected sex, should be killed?

I am horrified, by them and YOU, Brutus.

I’ve never felt so confident in calling someone a sack of shit before. This means YOU, Brutus.

Well, someone who actively seeks out a horrible debilitating disease, then sucks up taxpayer resources should have SOMETHING done to them. And, hell, they’re gonna die anyway, they wanted to die anyway, so why not bullet-through-the-head them? Seriously though, it’s pretty fucked up.

I read the Drudge article and was taken aback so I did some googling of my own. This is a very interesting article written on the subject.

Excerpts that follow are from:

This touches on one aspect, and the writer also covers the other aspects of guilt and also identification that would lead someone to want to be infected.

These are not people to be attacked and scorned. These people need help. They need to realize that they are not alone and that being sick is not what is required for them to have a sense of belonging.

Think about it.

These people do not deserve scorn.

They, and at the moment I, need a hug.

Okay… you have to love the synchronicity of your post and mine.


I can do better than this. In some African countries, there is a popular, widely-believed myth that sex with a virgin (male or female) is a cure for AIDS, resulting in, guess what?

I do and I agree with you totally.

Baby rape. Golly gee, those people need hugs!

Yeah, sure. Let’s just hug people who need to be shot. Maybe we should just kiss murderers instead of, uh, let’s see, applying punishment. Am I missing something here?

Your brain and your heart?

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Miller… you’re my hero.

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