Some people do indeed deserve to die.

Okay, your cunning wit has indeed made me empathise with people who rape babies. Now I see the light. Dick.

And can you point out to me where Miller or anyone else suggested empathy with baby rapers?

In fact… why are you hijacking this thread into the realm of baby rape?

Does this fulfill some need of yours for the attention that comes to those who stomp their impotent foot in righteous indignation?

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From the link provided by mayberrydan and Mockingbird:

Interesting reading. Truly, barebackers are taking a risk with their lives and their health. I would love to know statistically how this risk measured up to other risks we take on a daily basis.

And a quick google search indicates that this is very much a minority behaviour and that the vast majority of homosexuals disagree with this practice.

Gee, you know, nobody except me in this thread mentioned baby rape indeed. What the fuck? You can’t read all of a sudden?

Gee, you know, nobody except me in this thread mentioned baby rape indeed. What the fuck? You can’t read all of a sudden? **

Dipshit. He was being sarcastic.

You have officially been whooshed.

The sound you hear is the wind whistling through your ears, filling your head with more than its usual amount of air.

Whether he was being sarcastic or not is irrelevant.

Answer: I’m not. Someone else brought it up. You=wrong.

Um… you are the one fixating on something completely divergent from the OP.

I suppose you aren’t? Jesus Christ, get a fucking grip.

Yes, there are bug chasers (which are not quite the same as barebackers). They are appalling. They need help. None of us are qualified to give it. They are not 25% of all new HIV cases. They are a minority. We could delve deeply into not only their psyches, but the long-term historical effects of the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the gay community, sexuality, and the sexual revolution.

I can only hope that Jillgat pokes her head in with some reliable statistics. In the meantime, this thread can only end in tears.



Snopes says that this myth’s role in child rape, and the belief in it, seems to be exaggerated.

As for Brutus’s follow-up, the number of confirmed cases of an infant being raped seems to be around, well, one (or at least, that’s all Snopes seemed to find) - horrifying, yes, but seemingly quite the anomaly. Read up; I think the social commentary is quite interesting.

My thoughts, in sum: bug chasing is horribly misguided (to say the least), but I find it hard to believe that it accounts for as many cases as is asserted. Child rape in Africa has much less to do with AIDS, or AIDS related myths, than many news organizations seem to think, so is generally irrelevant to this particular OP’s point.

In short, there’s a lot of exaggeration that, as the Snopes article points out, oversimplifies and does injustice to serious and complex issues. This is not any individual Doper’s fault; it’s just bad reporting and information-spreading.

(Apologies in advance; I’m not 100% sure I’m expressing my views accurately in the way I want to…)

Isn’t 25% a minority?

Considering their extremely hazardous lifestyle, it’s not hard to imagine that bug chasers may in fact represent a large percentage of HIV cases. They are a small percentage of the population at large, but have a much higher chance of contracting HIV.

25% sounds like an awfully high figure. It almost sounds like it was invented by some right-wing christian group trying to illustrate the “guilt” felt by gays (in hopes of “undoing” that evil in the rest of the homos). I think it’s mostly bullshit. Even though the numbers are probably significantly less, it is a very sad subject and certainly not deserving of our scorn. Self-loathing to that degree is unspeakably sad.

How many times have you ever heard some young smoker saying “I hope I get cancer!”. I’ve heard plenty of idiots saying and doing things that will get them a terrible illness.

Although bug chasers seem to exist can anyone show me where they say

I hope to get aids and use up a bunch of tax dollars?

People eroticise plenty of weird shit. (some people even eroticise actual shit) but YMMV

Oh yeah and 25% sounds like a BS number to me as well.

25% of newly infected men seems like a reasonable percentage to me. This is not 25% of gay men or even 25% of HIV+ men. As cheesesteak observed, most gay men are very cautious these days. The ones who have gotten infected in, say, the last year, can fall into three rough categories: accidents like broken condoms, people who aren’t careful due to ignorance or drunkeness or something and “bug chasers.” I think that 25% is entirely possible though it could be a lot less. In any event, I think we can all agree that the practice exists and that it’s unacceptable behavior.

My Cousin Bill was one of the first men to die of AIDS. It wasn’t even called AIDS yet. He was a wonderful man who had the misfortune of being a promiscuous gay man who lived in the Bay Area in the 1970’s. It is well documented that there was a lot of resistance in the gay community in the very early days of AIDS to truely face this crisis. They were afraid of (additional) persecution and didn’t want the negative publicity. I’d hate to see a repeat of this with respect to “bug chasers.”


There’s also a certain complacency that is hounding the gay community after fighting this disease for 20+ years. Add to that the latest “drug cocktails” that can prolong the onset of full-blown AIDS (or keep the symptoms at bay for a longer period of time) and some people think they’re invincible.

The sad, sad fools. :frowning:


For the facts, check out the full article in the Feb. 6 Rolling Stone. I wrote it.

Drudge’s report is a 300-word summary of a 5,000-word article. The 25% figure must be understood in context, and the article clarifies that it applies to a fairly broad definition of bug chasing. The estimate comes from a very reliable public health official in San Francisco who is deeply concerned about this issue, not someone trying to make gay men look bad.

Sometimes you just gotta love this place. It reminds me of that scene in Annie Hall.

[Marshall McLuhan]You know nothing of my work[/Marshall McLuhan]


GregAtlanta, did you do a talk radio show today? I heard you on (what I think was) the AM ABC talk radio arm (same company that does Limbaugh, yes?)! You were talking to a conservative host, but he was in total agreement with you about how sad this is, and that this in no way reflects the attitude of the gay community as a whole

You handled yourself well, by the way.


Sounds like a lot of the idiot kids we get over at SAAN, who are sleeping around at fourteen, and refuse to use birth control-

‘Bcuz u cant git pregirz if ur a virgyn!!’

Or they use Saran wrap as a condom, or jump up and down after sex.

Or they actually WANT a baby.

Reckless behavior like this isn’t limited to gays, or people with AIDS or whatever.