Some photos my wife took the other day

I think they’re great, and I’m showing them to people. I invite comment

I think these links are to publicly viewable pages. Please correct me if I’m wrong!

For some reason I don’t like the last one (064). Looks nasty.

As for the others, I agree with you. She has quite a good eye for subject and composition.

I like 'em.

Very nice.
The first one is particularly nice with the black border.

Gorgeous! What type of camera is she using?

Also love your little Alice in Wonderland! She is precious.

The camera’s a Fujifilm Finepix S1000fd. (You can see that, actually, on the right side of the screen. Under that there’s a link saying “more properties” and it shows a dump of a whole lot of technical info about the picture I’m not qualified to interpret.)

As for that picture, it’s just about one of my favorites. I’m not much for framing pictures and displaying them at work and things like that, but that’s a picture of my kid I’d happily put on my desk at work, if I had one.

It seems, in fact, that I have a thing for pictures of the back of people. I wonder what that means.

I think it is delightful that digital photography lets so many people make beautiful pictures these days. I have a few I’m pretty proud of, too.
Nice work.

Get her a film camera.

I liked em a lot. Your wife has real skill with the camera, I think.