Some questions about shadowing

I will be applying for Pharmacy school at UMKC this year and would like to do some things that would look good on a resume or application. I have heard that shadowing is a good way to have an edge on during the interview. I have considered trying to get some access to pharmacists in hospitals to shadow. This is the area of study I would like to get into- clinical or in-patient pharmacy. (retail blows IMO)

So, some questions about shadowing and what is expected from the school and the professionals you are shadowing do arise. Does anybody know how many hours of shadowing a particular person is considered normal or exceptional? Is there a line crossed at a certain number of hours in which is is excessive? 8 hours? 16 hours? 30 hours? Is having more hours shadowing in one particular area better or would it be better if I had 8 hours in many of the areas pharmacists work. How should the “shadower” dress? Should one limit the number of questions asked? Should one just go to a department say in the hospital and ask to shadow them, write an email, or is it something that one should be offered?

I work in a pharmacy right now, and have been for over 6 months, by the time my interviews take place I should be there a year. I have heard that will give me an edge on students applying that have no experience in pharmacy work. I would be willing to hear more. I know pharmacy school isn’t like applying for Med school, but I think taking it just as serious and doing volunteer work and shadowing would really give me and edge.

Hope to hear some replies!