Some Specific Fashion Questions

There have been a few fashion questions around here recently, and I wanted to ask a few of my own while everyone is in the mood.

To give you a little background: I’m 20 years old, male, 6’2", and fairly medium build (about 165 pounds). I think I’d like my style to be kind of a well-put-together-dressed-up-casual. Currently I usually wear solid color polos, vertical-stripe button downs untucked, light blue jeans, dark blue jeans, neutral khakis, and usually solid black sneakers. Occasionally I’ll put on solid black dress shoes instead.

  1. Where can I find fitted dress shirts? I typically do my shopping at places like Kohls, Macy’s, etc. where shirts are priced around $20-$40. However, they all billow around my stomach like a sail. I’d be willing to spend upwards of $70 for a slim-fitting dress shirt.

  2. Where can I find dress shirts with a straight hem (not the scooped hem designed to be tucked in). I know the straight hem is more appropriate than the scooped hem for wearing un-tucked, but I just can’t seem to find them anywhere.

3)What is your opinion on the following coats?
Coat #1
Coat #2
What I have in mind for either of these types of coats is to wear them with a casual button-down shirt, khakis/jeans, and dress shoes. I’d wear this when going on a date, or any other social event where I’d like to look well put together without looking like I’d gotten formally dressed up. I have a corduroy blazer, but I don’t think it helps me with this look because whenever I put it on I feel like it takes me back 30 years. I love corduroy pants, but not so much the jacket.

  1. What to you think of the ensembles of the two characters in this picture:
    Two Unique Suits
    I think the one of the left looks really sharp. I’d like to get a pair of white pants for just that reason, but I can’t think of an occasion where that attire would be suitable (I’m not a member of my local yacht club). On the right, the guy has brown shoes with a navy suit. What are your thoughts on that?

5)What are your thoughts on gray pants? I’m thinking of getting a pair to wear at work in my internships (and certainly in a future full-time job). Here’s an example. What do you think? Work only? Both work and casual?

  1. What do you think of white sport coats? I saw a commercial on TV recently featuring Ashton Kutcher promoting a Nikon camera. He was wearing a white jacket with (I think) a black shirt and black pants. It looked really sharp and stylish, and the look appealed to me. I’ve tried to find this commercial on youtube, but I can’t seem to find this specific one. It’s not too difficult to imagine the simple outfit I’ve just described, though, so what do you think?

Thanks for your input on these admittedly lengthy queries.

Anyone? Anyone at all? Maybe I missed the fashion boat by a day or so.

I am no expert by any means, and this is strictly MHO, but a couple of comments:

  1. Ditch the black sneakers, unless they are moderately cool ones. If they look like these, then you will be making me think of my dad. He’s 73.

  2. Please do not wear white pants and jackets unless you are Tom Wolfe. On most men, they look tacky, including Ashton Kutcher.

  3. The grey pants look OK. I like them better than the pleated front pants, which I think are hideous.

JMHO, but pinstripes over jeans/khakis, no. Not a noticeable pinstripe like the one you linked to anyway. With jeans/khakis, I would be inclined to go for solids.

Gray pants look good.

A few thoughts from me…

Ditto ditto ditto what Rubystreak said about the black sneakers. Unless they are Chuck Taylors, in which case, wear them with jeans or shorts, but not with anything resembling dressy casual wear (like a button-down shirt).

Also ditto on the white pants and/or white jacket. The vast majority of guys cannot pull off that look.

I like the pinstripe blazer, but not sure what you could wear it with. Navy blue pretty much only goes with khaki, and I’m afraid the pinstripes won’t look quite right.

I like the gray pants…I think you could wear those for work or casual/going out.

Regarding the navy suit/brown shoes…I think that it used to be that brown was considered the “correct” color shoe to wear with navy. Not sure if that’s true anymore though…I think most guys wear black shoes with a navy suit.