Some Star Trek questions

I’m trying to remember a particular episode of TOS.

The show ends with a close call beam out of the captain and Spock and Scotty at the transporter controls.

Spock ‘cross circuts to B’ to get the captain back. There is some funny dialogue with Bones.

Bones Thank heavens you’re safe! (not sure of that line)
Spock No deities were involved, it was my cross-circuting to B.
Bones Well thank pitchforks and pointed ears! Whatever it was it worked!
What show was that?
Also how many trek episodes end with a last second beam out? As I was looking for this one I went over the Doomsday Machine and The Tholian Web. I have not checked out Mirror Mirror but I dont’ think it was that episode.

And of course which one is your favorite?

Mine is Doomsday Machine. Any other answere is heresy.

I’m 95% sure it was “The Doomsday Machine.”

I think the episode was titled “Obsession”, it was the one with the cloud creature that ate red blood cells.

My fave was “City on the Edge of Forever”, but I’m a big Ellison geek, so that goes without saying.

It’s not Doomsday.

At the end of Doosmday Spock is on the bridge and Scotty is in a jeffries tube. He tells Mr. Scott to try inverse phasing to get the transporter to work. I love the puff of smoke that comes out of the transported when Kirk tells them to beam him aboard.

Other episodes I can think of that end with last-minute beam-outs that I can think of right off are:[ul][li]Obsession[/li]The Enterprise Incident[/ul]

Oh, yep, you’re right about that, sorry. Try “Obsession,” it’s the only other Kirk beam-out I can think of.

it is obsession. by Calvin Klein

Thanks, it is Obsession.
Another great ‘end the show with a beam out’ is The Gallieo 7. (or is that Gallieo 4?)