Rating Star Trek finales

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In my opinion:

  1. ST:TNG: Superb. A finale that would be one of the best ST movies if it had been big screen.

  2. DS 9: A good finale to a great series.

  3. Voyager: A good finale to an okay series.

  4. Enterprise: Framing the finale inside an episode of TNG was a blunder.

  5. STTOS: One of the worst episodes of all Trek - a sad end to the original series.


To be fair, you can’t judge TOS. No one in that era, with the exception of The Fugitive, ever had finale episodes. They just…stopped. The Clampetts are still living in Beverly Hills in the same clothes. Hogan is still in Stalag 13. And Gilligan is still on the island, and will always be.

And one vote for “All Good Things…”.

No, the castaways were eventually rescued, twice I think. Just long after the TV series had ended.

I don’t think anyone at TOS knew “Turnabout Intruder” would be their farewell episode. In fact, there was supposed to be 26 episodes that season, but NBC cancelled the last two, one of which Shatner was going to direct.

To answer the question, I suppose I’ll have to go with TNG. Haven’t seen the ***DS9 ***finale, and I didn’t care for either Enterprise’s or Voyager’s. The thought of fucking up a 30-year timeline for the benefit of one individual leaves me very uneasy.

All Good Things is frigging terrible. ‘Oh, the Space Wedgie is developing backwards through time…so, the plot can proceed in a forward direction, as long as Picard time travels, obviously. Nothing internally contradictory about that!’

Of the ones I can recall (all except Voyager), DS9’s final episode is the only that’s not garbage, and even it is merely ‘meh’.

So, “Turnabout Intruder” WAS the good finale?

. . .

That isn’t canon!


Maybe All Our Yesterdays should be seen as the TOS Finale.

I don’t loath Turnabout Intruder but see how others do.

Last we saw them, the castaways were still on the island…with the Harlem Globetrotters I believe.

No love for “The Counter-Clock Incident”??

Which, I would offer, supersedes “Turnabout Intruder” as the last “Original Series” episode, in a way. :smiley:

All Good Things… was superb. The DS9 finale was mixed – the war-ending stuff was solid, but the supernatural demon stuff got pretty silly, IIRC (it’s been several years). But the overall Dominion War arc was excellent – easily the best big story arc in Trek, IMO.

Well, that’s another modern thing. In TNG and older, no one did season(s) long arcs.

Unless you count Encounter at Farpoint and All Good Things… as one arc. :eek:

The closest thing to an arc in TOS was having Harry Mudd in two episodes. They couldn’t even keep the same Klingon foil for Kirk like they would have liked to.

It was the last episode produced. Now that I think about it, I remember watching “Requiem for Methuselah” in either late August or early September 1969 (summer vacation was coming to an end), so that may well have been the last episode aired.

Surely that would have been a more appropriate final episode.


Yes … but they could *leave *whenever they wanted to, couldn’t they? :confused:

“All Good Things” was indeed excellent. My one quibble is the “paradox” of an explosion of anti-time growing backward in time was blindingly obvious. Picard was forced to hold an idiot ball so the story could play out.

I stopped watching DS9 before the finale. Voyager’s finale was, IMHO, pretty darn good especially for a show that had gone so off the rails.

Definitely “All Good Things…”

My issue with DS9’s finale is it felt more like a finale of just the last two seasons or so than the series as a whole.

TNG, without a doubt. TOS has at least three claimants to bring the last episode, but mostly it’s said to be Turnabout Intruder, which is mediocre, although nowhere near the worst, not when there’s the Omega Glory, or the Empath, or the one where the space hippies call Kirk “Herbert”.

Nope, Turnabout Intruder was the final first-run episode aired, on June 3, 1969. Anything aired after that was a rerun.

Wow. Fifty years ago yesterday!

Of course. Back then, almost everything in the summer was a rerun, except for summer replacement shows.