Worst epsisode of star trek

What are your least favorite episodes of star trek? For me it’s when the preachiness gets too extreme;

The Mark of Gideon (TOS): where they go to a planet where no one is willing to have an abortion, because they’re apparently space Christians, and as a result their planet is one giant mass of people and they infect kirk with a virus to kill off the population.
The Neutral Zone (TNG): where they uncover a space pod with frozen humans from the 20th century and Picard goes off on why capitalism is evil.

Notable mentions include Code of Honor(TNG) and pretty much anything from season one TNG.

The Infinite Warp episode of THAT ONE SHOW where two people become space slugs and mate.

Pencils down, thread over.

To be fair, the evil 20th century capitalist was the first person to spot that the Romulans were lying.

For worst TOS, I’ll join the consensus and say “Spock’s Brain” for TOS though it’s so campy I can’t really hate it. I feel the same way about the space hippie episode which only a Herbert wouldn’t like. A lot of first season TNG was pretty terrible, especially the gender roles episode and the one where Wesley was sentenced to death for trampling some flowers.

Got it in one. What other episode actually had the writer/producer apologize to the fans?

I nominate Voyager’s “Blink of an Eye” just because it ruins the legitimacy of any comfortable claim that Voyager sucked by being the one instance when it didn’t.

Two words: Brain and Brain, what is Brain!?!?

Yeah, that’s the worst ever.

If we’re allowed to name worst per series, though, TOS’s The Empath is pretty unwatchable for me.

And I’ll fight anyone who says there’s a worse TNG episode than Shades of Gray.

And the Children Shall Lead. It’s the horrible neener, neener, neener episode.

The one where a female’s brain was transferred into Kirk’s body and William Shatner had to pretend to behave like an overemotional woman, coz that’s what they’re all like, apparently.

Yeah, that was a clip show they had to throw together in the middle of a writer’s strike.

For me, it’s the DS9 episode where Quark zaps the senior officers into a game and they have to navigate their way through various puzzles and mazes. You can almost see Nana Visitor roll her eyes as they hopscotch and chant their way across one room.

Also, the Voyager episode where Janeway is the Queen of whatever black and white episode Paris has running on the holodeck. That’s another one where you can see the actors inwardly groaning at the stupidity of the script.

Anyone have a link to the Space Slug apology?

ex-astris-scientia.org says

TOS: The Omega Glory, The Alternative Factor
TNG: Silicon Avatar
DS9: Meridian, Profit and Lace
VOY: Spirit Folk, 11:59
ENT: Harbinger, Storm Front, These Are The Voyages, Doctor’s Orders, A Night in Sickbay
Movie: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier

Poor Enterprise…they have more than their fair share of clunkers. I’m powering my way through it on Netflix now.

ST:NG: That one episode where the lady has a history of getting involved with the wrong type of men. So what does she do? She tries to get into a relationship with an emotionless android. (Data) :smack:

Darmok and Jalad at Tenagra

By far the most boring episode. And they not only couldn’t afford a cast, they couldn’t afford a set.
The Alternative Factor in Season 1 comes real close though. Not Spock’s Brain - that is redeemed by the presence of space babes.

For TNG though I forget the name the episode which reproduced the then popular alien abduction scare was pretty crappy. I guess they were desperate for plots and someone brought in a National Enquirer or something.

Omega Glory. Pee-you.

I actually am fond of Spock’s Brain! I think it’s cute and fun! Doctor McCoy disintegrating from “A child could do it!” to being lost and desperate is hilarious!

Thanks, dude. I’d completely forgotten about that one and you had to remind me. :mad:

Seriously, most of the bad episodes of TOS had some camp value, but that was just embarrassing for everyone.

Babylon 5 did it better.

I liked that one.

This one wasn’t one of my favorites either. How do Darmok and his people handle math? Not a lot of metaphors in math. Can you imagine the engineering tests on that world?