Fan or not, talk about what you hated in any version of Star Trek [spoilers]

I hated Bajorans. every single one. Even the one I liked, I ended up hating (Ro).

Most of DS9 bored the fuck out of me. Yeah, yeah, it was the ‘best’ of all of them, it was so 'different, and ‘special.’ Feh. Mostly it was boring. (With some notable exceptions.)

Bergama was tiring. I liked the characters and the situation they created with ENT, but they completely wasted the promise of this series first with the Temporal Cold War, second with the lackluster stories, third with the one dimension they ended up giving to their originally good characters…

DON’T FLAME EACH OTHER! Stick to franchise nits. I don’t care if you agree with me or not about ENT, DS9, or TOS, this thread is for your personal gripes with Star Trek, not Trekkers or fellow Dopers.

I hated DS9. The show has the word ‘Trek’ in the title - that means you’re supposed to go somewhere, not sit on a space station all day and whine about your feelings.

I hated Benjamin Sisko - if not for Captain ‘Picard-with-breasts’ Janeway, Sisko would be the worst captain in Star Trek History. He - delivers - every -line -with- the same - staccato - imperious tone! I mean, people make fun of the way Shatner talked, but at least Shatner had the excuse it was the sixties and there were a lot of drugs going around.

TOS: Can’t really say anything bad other than the extremely poor writing for Season 3.

TNG: Troi. Sorry, but I just didn’t think she was all that hot or even mildly interesting. Beverly Crusher - I actually hated her more than Wes.

DS9: Major Kira. Nana Visitor could never reel in her stage background. She was always over the top emotionally to a point of parody. Ditto for Sisko.

VOY: Poor writing. Janeway was too much of a hardass most of the time. Chakotay was a tad too wimpy considering what he was supposed to represent.

ENT: The whole Future Guy thing. Will this be resolved or was it a 4 season red herring?

Overall, the blatant disregard for continuity.

TNG: Most of the characters just weren’t that interesting. I found the aliens to be more human then most of the human characters.

Voyager: They’re stuck in the Delta Quadrant without any contact or supplies from the Federation. How come their ship looks exactly the same in season 3 as it did in season 1? Where did they keep coming up with replacements for dead crewmen? How come Janeway was so keen on protecting Star Fleet protocol in one instance and willing to brazenly violate it the next? Despite 7 years of programs I can only remember one episode I thought was really really good, Think Tank I think it was called.

Enterprise: Another fantastic premise fucked up by lame plotting. Temporal cold war my ass! WTF were they thinking? With so many interesting possibilities how lazy were the writers to come up with time travel?


I liked Tasha Yar.

Then they killed her off.

The thing that bugged me most about every series was the lack of imagination where techn-jargon was concerned. To me it sounded like the kind of things ten year olds say to eachother when pretending to be spacemen.

“Lets convert the hypo-rods and adjust the temporal vortex manifolds. See if that can reverse the nano-polarity just enough to generate molecular-discamifborgism”

I hated everything except TOS because they didn’t have Spock and Kirk and Bones, and Scotty, and Sulu, and Chekov, and Chapel, and Uhura, and the doomed redshirts.

Yeah, but she was asking for it.

Seriously, she asked to be killed off because she got tired of having no lines or action bits.

I hated William Shatner’s hair when they came out with the movie remakes. I just really… hated… his… hair.

I really hated TNG first season when they were on that planet with all the black peoples and they were primitive and you had to fight to the death for a mate. Or whatever it was. It was awful.

I also hated Worf’s son. And Wesley Crusher. Actually, I didn’t mind him too much when he was just “bright.” But when he became a super genius I had to puke.

DS9: Didn’t like Quark & Ferengis much. Quark wasn’t so bad, but his bumbling comic relatives bothered me. Didn’t care for the Bajorans. Irritating to look at, and frankly their attitudes were stupid.

Voyager: Couldn’t stand Neelix, or his girlfriend for that matter. I hate to sound all racist and stuff, but the idea of those two species knocking boots was gross. Anybody, or anything knocking boots with Neelix is gross.

TNG’s sanctimony toward 20th-century humans was tiresome, describing us as savages and whatnot. Geez, I know it was just a knee-jerk liberal reaction to the later stages of the Reagan administration, but do you have to be so damn preachy about it?!

I never liked the basic premise that in the near-ish future, humans will resolve all their problems and differences and live in peace and harmony in a wonderful utopia. Bullshit. When that happens, they’ll fail to be human. I know it was supposed to be optimistic, but I can’t relate to it at all. That’s one of the big things that made me like Babylon 5; they portrayed humanity as it actually is, for better or worse.

Every manifestation of Trek has had its high and low points (remember “Miri”?). But, for my part, I absolutely hated Voyager . Lost in Space meets Gilligan’s Island! :o

In defense of the Original series, Rodenberry thought that all this would happen after certain barriers have been breached, technology-wise.

Technobabble, especially when it’s used to magically “solve” an episode. Picard & co were terrible offenders in this regard. Also aliens who are exactly like humans except for a few funny bumps on their faces. This was especially apparent in Voyager with it’s high alien turnover.

I hated the way that all the Trek shows tended to focus on large-ish scale plot lines and technical flummery instead of having character driven stories.

In other words, not every story has to be about Race #331 and the consequences of the Prime Directive on 40 billion people, or about how the warp core’s blenderflangegasket has malfunctioned, causing some problem.

I’d have much preferred if the Trek series had focused more on the crew’s reactions to the situations and the stress it puts them under.

The shows weren’t always lacking in this regard- some of the Xindi war episodes had some of this on Enterprise, but Voyager in particular, had a golden opportunity to address this kind of thing, but dropped the ball terribly.

I mean, on Voyager, spare parts would have been a major issue- they could have shown the crew dealing with the fallout from having the showers broken for a week, etc… Instead, we get de-Borged Borg, and the Doctor sending cheese to sickbay.

On TNG, I hated how Data (usually one of my favorite characters) was so inconsistently and stupidly written.

Three examples:
(1) In the first few seasons, he couldn’t use contractions. Wha? Contractions are SIMPLE. I could program a 1980-era IBM PC to use contractions in BASICA in half an hour. If he couldn’t pick up on people’s emotional states, that makes sense. But, CONTRACTIONS???

(2) There’s an abyssmally idiotic moment when he’s playing 3D chess against counselor Troi, and she beats him with a surprise move out of nowhere. Even if we accept the premise that Troi is a grandmaster-plus-level 3D chess player, despite never mentioning any similar skills or interests before or since, Data would never be SURPRISED to lose. Computers don’t just randomly miss things and be surprised by them. He would see it coming 8 moves ahead. That. Just. Makes. No. Sense.

(3) Similarly, in another episode, Data gets his fingers stuck in a chinese finger trap. That’s stupid. A human might get stuck, because the human instinct is to pull when stuck. Unless Data was programmed with pointless human instincts, he would be FAR more likely than a normal human to react with logic and thought, rather than instinct.


Captain-I-sound-like-I’ve-just-sucked-on-a-helium-ballon-Janeway’s voice.

VOY: They made a big deal about the ship using bio-gelpacks (or what the hell ever), but they only came into play a couple of times.

That’s what you want when you’re travelling dozens of times the speed of light - a ship that could catch a cold. One good sneeze and you’re space dust.

Oh, yeah. I kinda hated Odo on DS9 too. I liked his character, I liked his abilities, but I hated his appearance. I mean c’mon. He can perfectly duplicate an eagle, a mouse, a chair, whatever, but he couldn’t come up with a more pleasing face? And if not a face, at least do something with the ears??? I hated his ears.

I didn’t like the way that, for most incarnations of ST, it seemed that every other humanoid species was blessed with Hercules-like strength, and could pick up a human with one hand and toss him across the room.

At least in the original series, humans could fight the Klingons mano-a-mano.

Another problem I had with TOS was the egregious blunders in the writing, like one time when the expression “one to the fourth power” was used to mean an enormous number.