Star Trek ENT spoilers: Terra Prime & These are the Voyages...

I’ll be back later. Just thought I’d start this thread since there wasn’t one yet.

Tonight is it. “Terra Prime” is first, followed by “These are the Voyages…” End of the franchise, at least for several years.

Have at it.

I won’t be able to watch for two weeks. We’re in Germany on a vacation we never thought we’d be able to take for many years. Post details along with your commentary, please :slight_smile:

Been nice knowing you guys.
Maybe we’ll see each other around Battlestar Galactica

Both eps tonight.
T minus 45 minutes and counting.

First up: Terra Prime
recap & Teaser:

Robocop has the baby. (duh) Gonna use it to play on the fears of prejudice.

I miss the MU opening sequence.

“They are using words that are not in the universal translator.”


That line was great

Act I:
Star Wars BK commercial during break! :stuck_out_tongue:

Weller is quite believable as Paxton.

“They are using words that aren’t in the Universal Translator!” - Andorian Delegate

What’s with the 20th Cent 3 piece suits?

NX-01 has a traitor!?

I need a Section 51 leather jacket.

Cross breed freak - Band Name!

I HATE! those damn preview of the next act spots! Stupids.

I’ll have to rent BG on DVD since I don’t have cable.

Double dammit.

Act II:

Lindsey Lohan is so HOT! She’s not a TP agent, she’s StarFleet Intelligence. Hmmm…
(Mayweather was pretty wooden in that scene)

Southern White guy and Black guy discussing prejudice. Cute. (Forced, actually)

So far it kinda sucks.

[tiny nitpick]Section 31[/tn]

Act III:

Travis saves us! Yeay.

Thirty Two!

Trite pontificating.

Good Hoshi scene at least.

Good greif! Even in this ep they rip off an old Trek. TOS this time. (The Deadly Years - Commodore Stocker)
suck suck suck suck

I guess Section 51 jackets get made later? :dubious:


The Vulcan/Human hybrid baby’s name was good choice. The IDIC pendant shows up.

More good grief stuff. A panel open on the shuttle pod almost cased its crash. A bit tacky, imho, considering the US Space Program’s recent troubles with shuttles.

First Trek TV suicide? (Had one on TWOK movie)

The writers (you know who they are) tried desperately for the emotional impact. Failed.

Archer (yeah, I called him Archer) makes a speech that changes history forever. Whatever.

This was as bad as Season II, I swear to God.


Trip should’ve been the star this whole time. This scene was actually good. Very good.

These Are the Voyages


10 years together on NX-01

Decommission ! ?
Will has put on wieght, hasn’t he? Looks like how I do in my StarFleet uniform.

If I had one, that is.


God, how often are they going to whore up that Britney show??


I guess this dropped off the front page when I looked.

Until the wheels fall off her trailer.

They fell off, but they’re still dragging that trailer so hard it’s throwing sparks!

Act I:

Reed’s shorter than I imagined.


Three Days of the Andorian

Nice effect with the door walk thru

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