Some Wacky Ways to Solve Electoral Mess

I think that GWB will win the Fla recount, but lawsuits in Palm Beach County will go on for months. I have heard there is precedent in Fla law for not overturning elections based on confusing ballots. I think, however, that such a lawsuit has merit, and that in fact, the fair result would be that Gore should win. Rather than all the chaos that would result from the lawsuits to get a new election in Palm Beach County, what about this idea:

GWB goes to AG and offers to concede on some condition like

a. GWB asks AG to ask the Electoral College to elect GWB vice president instead of Lieberman

b. Ok, how about Cheyney as VP?

c. gets some binding agreement about the apointment of Supreme Court Justices.

d. Gets some Democratic Senators/Representatives to resign to Republican

Is this all completely whacked, or is some type of bargaining Constitutionally permissable?

I say let 'em fight it out with pool cues!!!

MTV Death Match.

I think it is unavoidable.

We all know who the ref would be…

Steel Cage match! Bush verse Gore! Two men enter, one president leaves! Sunday! SUNDAY! SUNDAY on every network there is!

It’s gotta be a tag team. Bush/Cheney VS Gore/Lieberman

I want to see Gore kick Bush’s ass, Cheney kick Lieberman’s ass, and have Cheney and Gore square off at the end. I imagine Reno rappeling in from the rafters with the ATF and the Texas Rangers riding in on horses for the final rumble.

Hillary will come rushing in to scratch and pull hair, and will get popped by Bush’s CIA daddy. As Hillary screetches in pain, Bill will be to busy with one of the ring girls to come help her and Cheney will end up being the last man standing in the ring.


Maybe they could give the loser of the presidential race the Senate seat for Carnahan. Maybe they could flip a coin for it. Then they could agree to run again in '04.

3 words: Rock,paper,scissors.

another wacky idea from the founding fathers. the president was to have been the winner. the vice president the first runner up. keeping those checks and balances. having a running mate was not the norm for a bit. we could just go back to that.

I like Dave Letterman’s idea: four years of Ophra Winfrie.

Naked Jello wrestling…errr…maybe not…(Dubya naked? shudder)

How about we kick Bush and Gore out, and let John McCain run against Bill Bradley?

In the right corner, at 175 pounds, 6’1", from the great Lone Star State is


In the left corner, at 6’2" and 190 pounds, built Tennessee Tough is


Gentlemen, you know the rules. No holds barred. -2 electoral votes for use of a folding chair. Last man standing gets the keys to the Oval Office.

I say we convert to a constitutional monarcy and crown Alan Greenspan Grand High Poohba for Life…