Someone broke my emails...

Not so long ago, someone broke into my email account (without, as far as I know, using my password or security question). How do they do this? How do I protect against it?

  1. Are you sure that’s what happened? I’ve had people in the past talk about others using their account, only to discover there was another reason.

  2. As far as passwords are concerned, there’s no way to make they 100% secure if someone really wants to break in. Even a brute force attack (trying every possible combination) can only take a couple of weeks, and it’s likely that your password was something that could be guessed easily enough.

  3. Your best bet for a safer password is something that isn’t a word in a dictionary. Mix in a few numbers and non-alphanumeric characters: “jcc&1dc” as an example.

  4. The only solution is to change your password frequently and make sure no one else can find it out (i.e., don’t write it down anywhere). If you need a mnemonic, use a phrase; that password in #3 could be remembered as “Jimmy Crack Corn & I Don’t Care.”

What do you mean Sparky? What did they do? What type of message did you get? Without knowing that I really can’t tell you what to do.