Someone fucked up my car!

So last night (friday), some friends and I go into the local college neighborhood to see a band play. I park my car in a church parking lot at about 9:30, we hang out until about 1:30 and then we start to head home. The first time I’m changing lanes (on the freeway now), I realize that MY SIDEVIEW MIRRORS HAVE BEEN BROKEN OFF! Can you believe that shit? I go to a concert, and some dickless piece of shit fucks with my automobile, while it’s in a CHURCH PARKING LOT!!! Is there any decency in the world? FUCK!

There is an old saying among Russian Jews–" If God lived here on Earth, there are people who would break His windows."


Ain’t that the fucking truth…
Goddam I am pissed! They’re power mirrors too, so God only knows how much it’s gonna cost to replace them, plus getting them painted to match the body…FUCK! And it’s not like the cops can do a damn thing about it.
Fuck it, maybe the asshole is a hemophiliac and he cut himself and lays dead in a ditch now…be too go for him

That really sucks.

You could check around in some of your local junkyards. They should be able to come up with some fairly inexpensive replacements. (I know this from experience) You may have trouble finding the same color, though.

What kind of car is it?

My grandma had her window smashed out and her purse stolen in a church parking lot.

This same church had a repeated problem with break-ins, where people would steal any cash they could find. (They stole the penny jar that the Sunday School class was using to save up for charity, for example.) Grandma came to me and asked if I would type up a notice to put on the church door on my computer. I said I would, but secretly doubted that the message, “You are stealing from God’s House. We will pray for you,” would do much good.

To my utter amazement, after they posted that on the church door, no one ever broke in again.

I had a car stolen from where it was parked in front of church once.

On Easter Sunday.

We got it back later. Someone took it joy-riding, but what kind of joy riding can you do in a 1968 Rambler American (this was about 1974).

But jeezopete – Easter Sunday???

mudcrunch it’s a '93 BMW 3 series. I went back there yesterday, and to my amazement, found one of the mirrors! I don’t know whether to be glad I got it back, so maybe, hopefully it can be used instead of buying, installing, painting a new one, or if I should be pissed that the jackass ddin’t even bother to take them and do something creative…

We have a church here in town that has a sign “Church Parking. Park at your own risk.”

That has never failed to crack me up.

The local church has two parking lots–one to the side of the church and one to the back of the church–as well as parking in front of the church. Their side lot is right next to a private lot, with an alley running between the two lots to separate the two. The problem with the side lot is that the church people really like to park there. When the side lot fills up, the smart thing to do would be to park in the back lot. This thought never occurs to them. Instead, they park in the private lot, in the alley, and they will park behind cars that are already in the private lot, effectively parking people in.

Apparently, in these peoples pursuit of christian holiness, they assume that everyone must be going to church. Not the case. I am not a church-goer. I hate church. I don’t believe in god. I have a strong distrust of people who claim to be religious. And that just gets worse when people park me in. I have called the police on people who block me in. I have put notes under the windshields of people who park me in. I think that tying bags of sand to those notes for the cars of the people who park me in is a nifty idea. I have gone so far as to enter the church, enter the santuary (or whereever it is they have the service) and interrupt things very loudly and very irately to get people to move their cars and learn to park. Sometimes these people make me so mad that I just want to take my piece of shit car and floor it and run these other cars over like I’m driving a tank until I realize that I’m only driving a sundance and that would probably kill me. But I do understand why bad things happen in church parking lots. Where I live, it’s generally because the people who think they are parking there aren’t.

Sorry 'bout the hijack there…but I just got a little peeved.

A week ago I walked past my car and my boyfriend pointed out it had a hole in it (the body panel that makes up the front fender is plastic). I park on the street, in a neighborhood with a lot of other students, and I bet some drunk asshole either threw something at my car or kicked it or something. Nevermind that I’m also a poor college student, and I can’t afford the increased insurance if I were to claim it.

I can’t wait until I graduate.

I had a custom made titanium mountain bike stolen out of a chucrhc basement on a Sunday. During services. From behind two doors in a boiler room.

A church MEMBER ( or someone who knew enough about the layout to find their way around a complex basement) stole my bike! I know it wasn’t the janitor cuz he had his bike stolen at the same time:)

This was a very affluent Presbyterian church in Evanston…grrr

I didn’t even know the Welsh rode bicycles.