Someone identify this obscure sitcom and finally let me die in peace

I ask this question on several message boards once a year and nobody has any idea what I’m talking about. Someone asked about it on JumptheShark, and it stumped them.

Here’s the question:

“There was a sitcom (it possibly was only a pilot) in maybe the early to mid 80’s in which the husband had been killed and his brain had been hooked up to a computer which took up a whole wall inside the front door of his wife’s house. The only thing I remember is the doorbell rang, and he showed a picture of a rhinocerous on his screen and announced “your mother’s here.” What the heck was this show?”

Sorry. Can’t help.
But if you can’t die in peace, after you go I’ve got an old Commodore 64 computer and some wall space…you’re more than welcome to hang out…

Could it be Reggie? With Richard Mulligan from Soap? This was a US remake of the BBC’s The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, and in the BBC version they used to flash up a picture of a hippopotamus when Reggie thought about his mother-in-law.

I remember that. I think it was only a pilot.

Lemme know when you find out, that sounds like one strange show.

I saw that pilot too. For some reason I remember the wife being played by Susan St. James.

I found it!

It was called After George.

And it did have Susan Saint James as the widow.

Gad, what a repulsive idea for a TV show. Worse than MY MOTHER THE CAR.