Someone in New Zealand wants to hack me

Earlier this evening I started receiving notifications from Google that someone in Hawera, New Zealand was trying to recover my account. Each time I clicked the “no, this isn’t me” button, only to have them try again less than 5 minutes later. It’s been about 45 minutes since the last attempt.

Whaddya think - human or non-human? Is this going to start up again, or will the miscreant give up and move on to the next hacked email address? I’m already changing my passwords frequently, is there something else I should be doing?

Find their IP. Nuke them from orbit.

It’s the only way to be sure.

They probably think it’s their email account.

Only Kiwis? Pshaw. Someone in Dubai tried to crack our bank account. Like they haven’t enough cash already!

Yeah, it’s a human, and they’re not hacking you. They’re just stupid, and think your account is theirs.

apparently, about 10 years ago blizzard EU had a special where you could sign up to their world of warcraft game for 2 years for about 40 percent less than what it cost for a monthly subscription for the same amount of time
Now how did I find about this living in the us? become some geek in Paris tried to use my debit card to finance their game playing the thing is i never have more than 10$ in my account at the end of the month …

I called blizzard US and they had no clue since I just had a normal account So they were investigating it and since I disputed it with bank of America they were looking into it so a week later when I got the statement I saw the Blizzard EU tag and called the bank and when bank of America looked it up the girl was laughing as she said she didn’t see why this wasn’t flagged from the get-go as it originated from Paris France which the card had never been used in and in her words "looked like some teenager bought a card number on the internet " all fees were removed and I did get 6 months free from for the inconvenience since it might have been done through the game …

…it wasn’t me.

(I live in Wellington, but Hawera is nice, but small. Only ever driven through.)

OP: any chance that future you has traveled back but is stuck in New Zealand?

Best news I could hear. I (and my bank) can handle stupid.

But won’t future me remember the name of my favorite pet and the make and model of my first car?

OK. fine. I’ll do it.

Obligatory XKCD.

Good point. You should post them here, so that you can refer back to this post when you need to.