Someone please translate "gamer" for me?

Can someone please translate what the heck this actually means? (taken from

“I was in a WC run today with my Horde Alt, and we had the worst shammy. Breaking sheeps, pulling aggro and then he ninja’s on the boss loot roll.”

“I was in a group going through the Wailing Caverns dungeon [in the Blizzard game World of Warcraft], and the person in the group playing a shaman was terrible. When the group mage turned something in a sheep to keep it out of the way, he would hit it, causing it to revert to its normal shape and attack angrilly; he would make monsters mad at him and want to hit him instead of the better-armored members in the group; and when we killed the big monster at the end of the dungeon, he grabbed the high-powered item that the boss dropped, even though he couldn’t use it.”

– Dragonblink
aka Calpurnia, Guild Master of And Pals, Cenarius server

Oops, forgot to translate “Horde Alt”. World of Warcraft basically has two sides: Alliance (humans and other cutesy traditional good guys) and Horde (orcs, trolls, and other mean-looking people who look like bad guys although if you really look at what both sides have done, there is no “good” side and no “bad” side). Alt is for “alternate”, meaning the person was playing one of many characters they have, probably not their highest-level or most frequently played (especially given that Wailing Caverns is a comparatively low-level dungeon).

Yup, I’s a geek.

Damn! Missed it by that much! Of course, I missed it because I was actually playing WoW… :stuck_out_tongue:

Since the OP was answered, let me spend a moment griping about the bad Sunken Temple group we had the other day. The warrior never (not one single time) charged, the mage kept tanking (really) and casting AoE spells on top of his own sheep, and we had to explain the loot rules three times because they never paid attention to them. In fact, after the second, “Hey, did you guys understand the loot rules,” the warrior said, “No one’s gonna jack your stuff, dude. The loot drops aren’t all that great here anyway.” Then he got pissed when I looted a two-handed blue sword everyone else (including himself) passed on. And the loot drops were awesome. I replaced three of my items from those drops.

Bad groups are the biggest problem in those games. A good one is heaven, a bad one (and there are way too many people who do not seem to understand even the simplest concepts) is just awful. And sometimes, that’s the *only * group you can get.

“Oh, stewardess, I speak Gamer…”

According to the original sentence and its translation, I would suspect that “Gamer” is the language that can convey the most informations with the smallest number of words…
Forget about Esperanto. Let’s all learn Gamer as the new international lingua franca.

“White House sources announced today that ‘Kim Jong Il’s a noob and we pwn j00!’”

This is why I don’t play in groups. I didn’t know if you hit a sheep it reverts. Of course, if I was ever in a group and hit a sheep and it reversed I’d know not to do it again.

World of Warcraft livejournal community

Seriously. Put it on your daily to-read links. I learned SO MUCH about this game from that LJ community, and it’s a whole different population from the whining martyrs who populate the official forums.

Actually, a shammy tanking isn’t a HORRIBLE thing, in the right situation. They eventually get the ability to wear mail and they have some impressive protection spells. Of course, if you have an actual tank tank (who’s doing his job right), the shammy shouldn’t be anywhere near the top of the mobs’ hate list.

Heh heh, that were my exact same thoughts - how efficient! Which makes me wonder about politicians doing the exact opposite.


You’ve got an LJ? I should read it.

Yes, I do. My LJ. I haven’t posted in a week or so, and I don’t keep a schedule or anything, but it’s not a dead journal yet. :slight_smile: I also have a WoW filter on my friends list…I can put you on that if you want.

To be fair, Dragonblink’s translation was overwordy due to explaining some WoW concepts.

How I’d put it in plain English, to someone who understood the concepts:

‘My Horde character was in a group running through Wailing Caverns, and our Shaman sucked. He broke the Mage’s polymorphs, drew attacks, and then when we got the loot, he snitched something he had no claim to.’

Still a little wordier than the jargon version, but something you could get out in a couple breaths.

Yeah, I’m not a gamer myself, but thought that the translation ratio wasn’t too surprising for ‘jargon to extremely detailed explanation.’


We re-ran Sunken Temple right after that bad group, with three rogues, a priest, and me (a hunter) and did far better than we did with the group that included a mage, druid and warrior. And two of the rogues and the priest were lower level. Most of the groups I’ve been in are really good. The first time I tried to run ST, the group included a warrior that would gun-pull into my traps so I wouldn’t have to and could hold aggro with the best of 'em. If my power supply hadn’t gone kaput right in the middle of the game (emergency trip to Fry’s), I don’t think we’d have had to deal with the bad group.


[White House]: LFG for NK. Have tanks and planes. 2 more countries and we’re RTG!

Our new catchphrase around the house is to ask the other person to do something and then end it with “kkthxbye” (means: OK, thanks, goodbye; we pronounce it “kay-kay, thanks, bye”), spoken rapidly.

Bwahahaha! Heh heh. Man that’s funny. I’ma have that in my head all day.

I’ve seen a bumper sticker for sale that says [Epic Mount] – I sooo want it, even though only WoW players will ever get it.

Oh yeah, and I was five-manning BRD with some guildies the other night and we totally wiped at Angerforge. The rogue critted two BS and couldn’t lose aggro, the priest got zerged with adds, the SS ran out and my freakin’ FD bounced, man I hate when that happens. That was a painful deathrun.

(PS look out for that White House guy, he’s a total ninjalooter)

Believe it or not, my respect for the White House would actually go up after a statement like that.