Someone stole my flip flops!

I live in the tropics. Everyone wears flip flops.

I went to an April fools party. At this house, everyone kicks off their flip flops.

When it was time to leave, I couldn’t find my flip flops! These weren’t cheapo flip flops. Very comfortable. The host lent me a pair of his to walk home. I thought I was the victim of an April’s prank.

When I returned the host’s flip flops, someone had left a pair of 99 cent flip flops. Yes, my size. So, I thought maybe a drunk put on the wrong pair. And he would recognize the error the next morning. And return them. No such luck!

Lesson learned. Don’t wear nice flip flops, and kick them off at a party. Fortunately I now have a pair of cheapo flip flops to bring to the next party. Maybe I will see my original flip flops. I sure miss them.

This was an episode of Sex and the City. At least your flip flops didn’t cost $485.

Did you also step on a pop top?

He did, but he cruised on back home anyway. :smiley:

Did you write your name on them with a Magic Marker like your mother told you to do?

I’m still sore that someone stole my cork platform heels at a party where we all kicked off our shoes to dance.

This happened in 1975.

The rat who boosted them would have filed it off.

I am tellin’ ya, they were kick a$$ flip flops.

This situation has caused me to rethink the unconditional love philosophy.

…because he walked a mile in your [del]shoes[/del] flip flops…?

Not seeing the humor here. You don’t get it.

They were “Cream de la Creme” flips flops! So cushiony and comfy. Nothing hard between the little pig who went to market, and the one who stayed home. I miss them.

Well at least the poor thief got a good meal.

I hear you. A good pair of thongs is a joy to the heart, a balm to the soul and indispensable in summer when the concrete footpaths are hot enough to burn your feet.

Exactly. You know where ima comin’ from.

And here, everyday is summer!

You went to an April Fools party and didn’t see that coming?

The flip flop thief left you going, “wee, wee, wee”, all the way home.:frowning:

Last year we went to the Texas RenFest. I rode the elephant with my granddaughter. When disembarking, I threw my flip-flops onto the platform so i wouldn’t drop it down to the ground. That sneaky little elephant ate one of my flip-flops! The handlers tried to get it back, but it was too late. They were my favorite pair, too.

I limped out of the park on the gravel paths. At least they gave me my money back for the ride.

I feel for ya, OP.

If you really liked your flip flops you would have separated them like you do with your skis.

That’s kind of gross. Your flip-flops are covered in months or years of sweat and dead skin. I mean, not yours specifically, but all used flip-flops. I don’t even like it when my wife steals my flip-flops to go outside for a smoke.

And I will kill any motherfucker who takes mine. They’re more valuable to me than anything else that goes on my feet.

I must be the odd person out because I’d rather go barefoot than wear flip flops. They always fall off and make a stupid sound. Running has hardened my feet enough that even almost black tarmac with pebbles doesn’t hurt too much. Then again maybe if there were more pop tops lying around these days I’d have a different opinion :slight_smile:

Oh great, something else I never thought of before but now can be neurotic about.

Absolutely. Presuming a pair of lovely young women are wearing those thongs, I won’t notice that my feet are on fire.