Someone stole my user name! (Truly mundane)

I was doing a search to try and demonstrate something, and accidentally stumbled across the fact that there is another me out there!

I have always like my user name because I’ve never had to alter it with numbers, odd spelling, etc. I have it registered as an email address at several places, and have yet to have a problem finding it available. I perform “vanity searches” every so often just to see what people can find if they try to look up my name, but only find me.

And now there’s someone else. Same capitalization, same everything.

I’m so sad.

I recently joined a new ISP and when it came time to enter my email address, it told me that Aesiron was taken. This is the only time in five years that this has ever happened to me and I was completely and utterly shocked. It was like finding out I had an identical twin brother I never knew about when he stole my wallet and maxed out all my credit cards.

That bastard.

I’m still planning revenge.

The worst part is, this person is my complete opposite. Aisle seats instead of windows. Doesn’t like his/her dad. Likes some song called “Smack My Bitch Up” (and uses asterisks in swears). Thinks emotions should rule rather than reason. Appears to think that “What color is your favorite pair of shoes” is a question worth repeating in half a dozen or so threads. Posts in threads with names like “Vagina Spiders with a Doctorate.”

I have an evil twin!!!

(Ok, I might post in a thread called “Vagina Spiders with a Doctorate” but the post would probably look something like:

:eek: :confused: :smack: )

Just the idea that someone might stumble across this other person… and think it was me! That I (shudder) would sit in an aisle seat by choice! And people will say… Well it must be her, I mean, how many TellMeI’mNotCrazys can there be?

No, seriously, I could care less*, but it is odd for me.
*yeah, yeah, I know.

There’s plenty of other Tikkis out there. What bugs me is that most of them mean it to be Tiki, of Polynesian fame, but have misspelled it. Mine as two K’s because Tikki is a shortened form of Tikkenen, my paternal grandmother’s maiden name. And it’s pronounced tick-ee, not tee-kee. One bit of irony is that it’s Finnish. Just about as far from Polynesia as you can get.

I was pissed off when AOcrappy L told me I couldn’t have attackships (the e-mail address and name I use everywhere else but here and EZboard) as my username there. Had to settle for being the berserker once more. Who be stealing ma steez?

I had a truly random, but sort of funny, username at Paradise Poker.

One time at a fantasy sports web site, some cretin was using it. There’s no way he didn’t gank it from me.

unoriginal :wally

Ahhh - You’re crazy.

There’s another Anonymous Coward over at Slashdot, and he posts like a madman!

Settle? What settle? pauberserker is a kick-ass name.


True. But I wanted attackships. Now, off to AOL to hunt down this clone of myself who is a mockery of my greatness! RAAAAA! :smiley:

Everywhere I registered before the “Children of Dune” miniseries came out on Sci-Fi, no problem getting my name (with the exception of the MSN Landsraad group.) Everywhere I registered after the miniseries came out, I have had to use my alternate name, which has a twist on my current one, but it just isn’t the same. Pisses me off. It’s all because they made the Ghanima character inappropriately hot-looking. Now every dune geek-girl (yeah, LOTS of us around) wants to be Ghanima, dammit.
I feel your pain.

I don’t run across my username very often on other people, though I do run across my username in places I don’t remember being, but if I try to log in, I discover that the phantom person uses my SAME PASSWORD AND EMAIL. Now, you have to admit that’s freaky. :wink: