Are you happy with your username?

Me, I am. Sal Ammoniac suits me nicely – it’s namelike, it conveys my gender, it’s neutral and inoffensive. Hardly anyone ever calls me NH[sub]4[/sub]Cl. And when I look myself up in Wikipedia, it pretty much fits. “Colorless to white to yellow brown?” Check. “Very poor cleavage?” Check. “Sectile?” Sure. “Vitreous?” At times. “Widely used in the production of salty licorice candy known as Salmiak?” Well… maybe someday when I get my act together.

So… is your username you? Do you answer to it happily? Or do you rue it, but not enough to change it?

I don’t really love mine. I feel I’ve outgrown it, been using it since I was 18.

I would change it if I could. I’m not sure what the criteria are for legitimately doing so. And I’m also not sure what I’d change it to. Something referencing Nietzsche or Buddhism probably.

I’ve been using this one for years. I’ve never been clever with screennames, and I never really loved this one to begin with. It’s from a song I haven’t listened to in probably four years. But I can’t think of another one so oh well.

Twickster, c’est moi.

I been using mine as an online handle since I began using the internet. I like that it’s distinctive (any tremorviolet you see is gonna be me) but sometimes I think it comes across as too flirty and girly which isn’t the intent.

I’m not a big fan of my name. Hell, it’s really not even mine.

Lemme splain - I’m not a sock!

Way back - circa 1998 - I bought a computer. I lived in a house with 3 other guys. One of the guys had a last name quite similar to “brewha”. He created an AIM account on my computer with the screename “brewha”, used it for the night and never used it again.

Later, I started chatting with people on AIM. I didn’t want to deal with creating a new account, and I had an profile hanging out on my computer anyway, so I became “brewha”.

A couple of years later, when I decided to join the SDMB, I signed on with this name.

So, this name really has nothing to do with me, and since it ends in an “a” it apparently makes me look like a girl.

I’d change it, but I’m too lazy.

I love mine and would never think of changing it. The way I got it reminds me of the students I had the year I got it. I was teaching Philosophy at a small liberal arts college in New England. It was a nice tweed kinda position I liked it and this particular class was very engaged and thoughtful. So much so they got me a license plate made that read: Phlosphr which was enough letters to make it look real without using all the letters in Philosopher.
It was a good time of life for me back then, I routinely had class on the lawn, we talked philosophy outside the box and had fun doing it. I believe everyone in the class got an ‘A’ with no effort at all. Trust me all classes are not always like that.

Meh. I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it. On the other hand, it’s easy to type.

I’ve thought of a lot of better ones, but they would require me to have a specific first name, and most often a female name.

I really like my user name, but I have one complaint. I can’t do searches on it. What is not a searchable word on the SDMB database and this version of Vb does not allow you to set up searches like “What Exit?”. It is a word index.

I can search on exit, but that brings up a lot of chaff. I think I probably should have went with WhatExit? However this is pretty minor.


My name dates back to before there was an internet. It was bestowed on me by my first wife and I used it for many years as my “hall of fame” name after kicking the shit of one video game or another. When bulletin boards came along and I needed a nickname, I just continued using it. I was the first Scumpup and have run across only two more…both of whom I’m reasonably certain copped the name from me.
Happy with it? I am Scumpup!

Easy. You email TubaDiva and tell her what you want the new one to be. She changes it. The criteria are that you want to change your username.

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Man! That’s way too hard! :confused:

Mostly. It’s a college nickname. (My friends in college were big on “repronouncing” things–which probably gives you a clue on my real first name).
So I identify with it fairly well, it’s not random or anything, I like the fact that it’s capitalized and looks kinda like a name, people usually spell it correctly when they use it . . .

but for some reason Eureka is an exception to the rule that names ending in “a” are assumed to be feminine. This drives me more bonkers than it should. And I’ll admit, often when I see incorrect pronouns associated with it, I’ll roll my eyes a little but not make an issue of it–and I usually assume that the poster is using “he” generically rather than really thinking about me.


retires to her laboratory to think up something brilliant

Do tell! Why a female first name?

Sort of. It’s a deceased dogs name. Backwards.

Alpine was taken. Huh. In more ways than one. Never thought about it that way.

Strange. User alpine lives in the mountains in Colorado like I do. And has the same job although working for a different county government. Pretty coincidental

But your name is brilliant. It’s what you are known for here…When I see a cute married couple or someone who is clearly in love when my wife and I are walking [which we do every night] I always think to myself…“I know someone named Olives who reminds me of them” Because when you write in the marriage threads and love threads you are so clear and concise with your feelings, you stick out in my brain as someone who is intouch with what it means to be in love…and that icon in my brain is Olivesmarch.

Morever, it could be the date and location of a Dopefest (there’s a restaurant around here called Olives). Wouldn’t that be cool?

Mine’s OK. I have to like the Scottish mathematician John Napier. He invented logarithms, and he invented his bones for adding numbers. So he invented 80% and 20 % of the slide rule. Somehow he didn’t ever put the two inventions together.

But while some Dopers will take note of logarithm fame and all, hardly anybody notices what Napier really tried the hardest to popularize: his view that the Pope was the Antichrist, about which he published numerous pamphlets.

And pamphlets were fine things. If they were still popular today, it wouldn’t take $50 and 30 hours to wade through each dumbass new management theory that blunders down the pike…

I love mine. What could be cooler than being the Goddess of Wisdom on a board devoted to fighting ignorance. Job security!