Something fishy about Scottish nationalists

Hasn’t anyone commented on the fact that the leader of Scottish nationalist referendum was named Alex Salmon while the leader of the SNP in today’s election is Nicola Sturgeon?

Louder! I’m not herring you!

I’m sorry, your thread seems to be floundering.

Cod off Yank! They have

I’m upset that you didn’t recognize my bass instincts in bringing this up in one of the innumerable Pjen threads.

*Their all-time favorite American baseball players are Kevin Bass and Mike Trout.

Simply sharking!

Is it just me, or does Alex Salmon look a little chubby? I wonder if he has been hitting the Bass Ale too much.

Stop carping so much.

Cod blimey, you’re right!

Betta they’ll find some way to keep this going, old chum.

I think it’s unfair of you to grouper them together like that.

I think that’s Alex Salmond, with a “d”. The reason I recognize him is that I had him on my Death Pool list last year. He was born on New Year’s Eve, and that date was my theme. Not only born on NYE, but in 1954, as was I.

I can’t believe I forgot Catfish Hunter.

Well, if campaigning to change the name of the fish to ‘salmond’ throughout the Anglosphere is what it takes, then that’s what we’re going to do. Can’t have a good joke ruined by spelling pedantry.

:: waves hi ::

Well, once the US Navy bombed Innsmouth, the reef, and then dynamited all of the houses , the Dagon worshippers had to go somewhere…

Did you start this thread just for the halibut? :p:D

A crappie thread if ever there was

I thought this thread was going to be a joke about the Loch Ness Monster, though I guess that’s more of a sort-of reptile.

Is it Nessie-sary to bring in non-existent creatures? (Not my own pun – I cryptid from someone else.)