Something good about HGTV's House Hunters, believe it or not

It is an offshoot called “House Hunters: Comedians on Couches”, where two comedians(two regular, one guest) make with the snark while watching episodes of the series “House Hunters”, MST3K style. They pick out episodes worthy of getting thoroughly ripped apart, such as one where the husband’s main concern was getting a yard with enough space between two trees so that he could try out something he had never done before-slack line walking. The wife’s main concern was getting a house that looked like a birdhouse she had picked up at a second hand store! All that stuff you yell at the screen, like “You don’t like the house because it doesn’t have a dishwasher? You can BUY a fucking dishwasher!”? The show’s hosts more than provide, believe me. This show is fun.


So where do we watch it?

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I’ve got Xfinity, so I searched the name “House Hunters” and both the original show and the offshoot popped up. This new version has eight episodes so far.

It’s also on You Tube.

My wife loves to watch House Hunters; it makes my teeth itch, because it’s so clearly staged and ridiculous, and so, I make fun of the house hunters, particularly how many times they say “this is nice,” or complain about paint color or drapes. :smiley:

The other day, she said, “You have to watch this version of House Hunters. It’s like they had you in mind when they made it!”

I watched the first episode - they couldn’t have picked a better first couple to skewer. OMG, what a pair they were!!!

I quit watching the show when I found out how totally fake the whole thing was, but MST3K-ing it works for me.

I love the idea; it’s a tradition around my house to yell at the TV about how easy it is to change carpet or paint or to put up a fence. The only thing I don’t like about the comedian show is they laugh at themselves way too much; if they could just make the comment and let us (the audience) think about it like MST3K does, it would be much better.

I’ve always wondered–and maybe someone reading the thread will know: WHY do the participants agree to choose from among just three (usually) options?

For something as important as a house, you’d think they’d want to see more than three. So I wondered: do people get recruited to be on the show only after they’ve been looking in the area for a while (and thus have seen many houses)? Or is it that they’re being paid a large-enough sum to compensate them for the limitation of having only three options?

The options are always chosen to maximize conflict, of course—will the husband (or one partner) get his way? Or will the wife (or other partner) get her way? Because one of them is going to have to be miserable—that’s the point of the show, apparently.

At times “House Hunters” and similar shows seem to be “about” dominance and submission, not about finding a place to live. And that can get really weird, fast.

(Presumably the Comedians on the Couches will be commenting on this, and not just on people’s funny hairstyles…???)

You pick a couple that have either already chosen a house, or live in a house already. The couple pretends to be interested in the other two houses while the furnishings in their own home are hidden away, either in their back yard or stowed away somewhere…but usually not all the furnishings-they just empty out the rooms being shown. The couple that has been paid off then “picks” their own house.

Seriously? This is documented?

Wow, if so, that IS some serious fakery!


My friends who were on the show had already bought their house (but had not moved in). And if you didn’t already know that, you would have thought that that house was the last one they would pick. They nitpicked everything about it. It was all staged.

I think it would be better if the images of the comedians didn’t constantly pop up when they make a comment.

Maybe keep the images of the comedians on the side of the screen like Mike, Kevin and Bill do for Rifftrax Live.

I actually enjoy the lottery winner House Hunter, called My Lottery Dream House or somesuch. The host is a hoot and the people seem pretty normal. Maybe fake, probably fake, but fun for me.

David Bromstad, the first winner of Design Star. I remember him way back when. He hasn’t changed a bit-- except for way more tatooes.

I know it’s all fake but it still entertains me. What I absolutely dislike on My Lottery Dream Home is when people go on there and their budget is $250,000. Man, go to regular old House Hunters! You are not wanted here!

I’m assuming every “Pick a house” show is the same way.

Of course, if they didn’t do it that way, 95% of the episodes would end with “By the time we saw House #3, the first two houses were off the market. Then we got outbid on #3 even though we didn’t really want it. So we’re staying at my mom’s house.”

How far back are they going for episodes? Because Jimmy Kimmel was a house hunter once, many years ago. The narrator kept saying the wife looked while he was “at the office.” I’d like to see these comedians comment on another comedian.

The show had a different format when it first aired 20 years ago. The couple would look at 3 houses and then put an offer on one. The agent would then let them know if they got the house or had to negotiate. If I’m not mistaken, sometimes they did not get the house. That was probably all staged, too, but I found that format more interesting and was disappointed when the show moved away from that.

As an aside, watching the show during those first seasons played a part in me deciding to buy a house (which I had never considered before then). I figured if those idiots could to it, I could, too. :laughing:

Yeah, that all makes sense.

Possibly a less-faked show might be the recent “House in a Hurry”—that all takes place in just a couple of days, and the ‘offer isn’t accepted’ factor is up front and center.

I’d guess that a lot of people who win really big amounts don’t want to be on camera, so won’t do the show. The first couple of episodes in the first season were multi-million winners, but there haven’t been many since.

I recall seeing episodes of the British/Euro version where they didn’t end up picking a house. Or the result was that their offer wasn’t accepted, etc. Really different.