Something mysterious that happened you could never explain how or why

Mysterious voices, sights, sounds …
I was on a train once going home from school for the holidays.
I often sit at the door during these journeys because the compartment can get unbearably hot. One night I am sitting at the door as usual, I must have nodded off.
I hear this voice calling my name and woke up with a start and to my horror I was learning forward so much, all it would have taken is a gentle nudge to have me topple onto the tracks.
Till today I have not been able to explain what happened.
Obviously I was dreaming but the timing of that voice calling my name, that is what stupefied me.
Has anything like this ever happened to you or anyone that you know ?

Not something I’m proud to admit, but when I was sixteen, I once stole some cash from someone. But days later, that person then informed me that God had told her exactly where I’d hidden the money - in a dark red folder on the top of the desk in my bedroom.

Another weird thing that happened around that time: I had a pet fish but totally forgot about it - to the point where I allowed all the water to dry up in his aquarium. But when I found him one day, the fish was still flopping and alive - in a box that was dry.

And as mentioned in another thread, a Taiwanese friend of mine once jumped from a height of 30 or 35 feet onto hard concrete, yet suffered not even the slightest pain or injury whatsoever.

A pastor, Kenneth Gaub, tells the story of how, in the 1990s, he once took an exit off a highway while driving through Ohio and went into Dayton. He stopped the vehicle and went outside for a walk to stretch his legs while his family went into a restaurant. While walking along the street, he heard a pay phone in a booth ringing, up ahead of him. The phone kept ringing and ringing and no one answered it. Eventually, out of sheer curiosity, he picked up the phone, and heard the operator say “Long distance call for Ken Gaub!” Gaub was totally floored and couldn’t figure out how this was happening. Turns out, a suicidal woman in Pennsylvania was about to take her life but in one last-ditch attempt for help, decided she wanted to contact Gaub (she had seen Gaub preaching before on TV.) But she had no idea how to call him. But then a series of numbers were put by God into her head and she dialed them - and they turned out to be exactly the number to reach exactly that random phone-booth pay phone, exactly at the moment that Gaub was walking down that street.

My memories are mostly from my parents re-telling me the story below. I remember very little about it.

Once, when I was 5 or 6 I was playing in the backyard near a large pine tree and heard a voice calling me. I looked around and saw a snake on the ground a little ways away from me. I ran to find my parents and asked why they had called me. They said they hadn’t called for me. I told them I had seen a snake and described it as sticking its tongue out at me and having diamonds on its back (a rattlesnake). My father was alarmed and went out to find/kill it but found nothing.

This is exactly what I was talking about : )

I am not a believer in the paranormal/supernatural, so I attribute the following anecdotes to coincidence, odd noises made by a large structure, sounds that carry oddly well, gusts of wind, and possibly very clever trickery by a coworker, although it still seems kind of weird to me.

In high school and college, my summer job was at a dinner theatre. The building was relatively new and not built on the site of any previous structure, but several of my friends and I heard or experienced things similar to a “haunting”.

Several times we heard thumping noises up on the flat roof like a person bouncing a basketball. There were two stairwells that accessed the roof, each visible to the other by looking across the kitchen. A couple of us went to each stairwell and we all went up on the roof at the same time. We found nothing and the noise would stop. We never caught anyone up there.

When we were locking up at the end of the night, we sometimes heard the piano playing inside. We would unlock the door and go back in. Nothing.

One night while working in the light booth, both doors to the next room behind me unlatched and swung open at the same time. I assumed it was either due to a gust of air or someone pranking me. When I had a break, I went into the next room, made sure no one was there, locked the doors, made sure everything was properly latched shut, went back to my position at the dimmer board, and the two doors to that room simultaneously unlatched and swung open again.

Since the place was a dinner theatre full of dramatic types, college kids, and even an actual stage magician a couple of times, I assume someone was messing with us, but they were dang good at it!

I have a small list of WTF things I’ve experienced:

  1. Prescient dream
  2. Out of body experience
  3. Time travelling raisin

There was also the ESP like ‘pop up’ that I had but I have found a reasonable explanation for it.

In the late 80s I was in college and living in a fraternity house. There was a mail cubby by the front door. Everyone had a little slot of their own. I rarely got any mail. One day I noticed a stack of envelopes in my slot. They were the size of index cards. Each one was hand addressed to me and each had a stamp. There were 14 of them. Each one contained an index card with a single letter written in marker. On the back there was a small number. That was all. When I put them in numerical order there was a message: I AM WATCHING YOU. What the ever-loving F? The post mark on the stamps was from my home town, about 90 minutes away from the school. It creeped me the hell out. Only a handful of people from home would have known I was living in the fraternity house. I had a few ex-girlfriends it could have been but no one ever confessed and to this day I have no idea who sent them. Seems like an awful lot of effort for a prank that no one ever copped to.

Around fourth or fifth grade my science teacher told me there would be aligning of the planets. And if I went out around 3am, I could see them.

So when I got home from school, I asked my mom to wake me up at 3am so I could see them.

I wake up at 3:30am on my own. I remember at the time being pissed bc my mom did not wake me up.

So I go outside and check it out. The really weird thing is the planets weren’t just points of lights in the sky. They were up close and HUGE! I could see the red spot on Jupiter, the rings around Saturn, even Uranus. All with the naked eye. Lol

It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

Logically, I must have just dreamed the whole event. But the memory is so freaking real to me. I still remember it like it was yesterday.

Do go on please….

I am often astounded at the amount of detail in my dreams.
Right down to the smallest architectural detail in old buildings that I often dream about.

This happened years ago.

During my high school years I remember one night when I was watching TV and eating some raisins. I dropped a raisin and as I got up to look for it I heard a strange sound.

I can’t really describe the sound but it stood out because it was unlike anything I had heard before. Anyways, I start looking for the raisin but I can’t find it. I remove the couch cushions, I move the couch and I move everything else in the area. There is no raisin it had disappeared.

Fast forward some years and I am home from college. I am sitting and watching TV when out of the blue I hear the same unique sound that I had heard a few years before. The first thing that crossed my mind was the raisin that vanished. I get up and start looking and lo and behold, there was a raisin. The location I found it in was appropriate for where I had lost it.

The raisin was soft and fresh. It is also not the sort of thing or in a location that would have been overlooked by the cleaning lady for years. Ergo the only possible answer is that the raisin travelled forward in time. The sound, which I have not heard since then, was the only herald of what happened.

Wow. I figured that would be a grape story.

I’ll, uh, just see myself out…

A raisin like that, you don’t eat all at once!

Ok, my weird story is not at all supernatural, but still frikkin weird.

About 15 years ago when my kids were little, we had to move house every couple of years because people kept doing things like “having renovations” and “coming back from overseas to live in their own house” and inconvenient stuff like that.

One particular house we’d been living there a few months we got an unsigned letter slipped into the post box. It contained three rambling paragraphs with disconnected meaningless sentences - I haven’t kept the letter so I can’t really reproduce it. But looking at it I noticed that the person had also capitalized all the words so I wondered whether the first letters of each word would spell out a message.

They did. It was the names of three local football players.

Uh, okay.

We got similar letters once or twice more. Then we moved again. I still have no clue who the letter writer was, who they thought they were writing to, or what they thought they were saying.

My uncle was schizophrenic. That sounds exactly like something he would do.

Yeah, I figure it’s probably something like that. I just want to know, y’know?

I probably should have asked the owners if they had any mentally ill relatives (this was the “then the owners came back and wanted to live in their own house again” house)

About 40 years ago I was in the Air Force and riding in a raft with a friend (just a plain old raft, and not white water rafting). We lost control when we came around a bend and there was this huge tree laying in our way. I woke up on the river bank with no idea how I had gotten there. The last thing I remember is being underwater and it was light green and warm, and was so peaceful.Then I woke up on the riverbank. I then got up and helped me friend who was stuck in some tree branches.

About ten years ago I was going to the local bar that was my hangout. Got there after work. Parked across the street and before I crossed, I looked both ways (actually I did that a few times). Just as I stepped into the road, I felt myself get yanked back really hard. At that moment a white truck (with those huge ass mirrors) went flying by and just missed my face be an inch or so. My friends who were across the street and witnessed it, asked me how I managed to leap backwards like that, and that I should have been dead.

I guess I give the credit in both cases to my guardian angels or something.

Here’s one that happened a while back, about fourteen billion years ago… The Universe came into existence.

Still haven’t been able to explain that one, nor have any of the experts I’ve asked.

This is one that’s always bothered me–I fully believe there is a natural, non-UFO, non-mysterious explanation, but the veil of time, the perception of youth, and the lack of ability to reexamine it years later keeps it closed off:

When I was a kid, in rural Southwestern Virginia in the mid-1960s or so, my father used to take me coon hunting at night, which was common back then. We usually hunted woods near where I grew up, but one time it was a weekend and we drove about 30 minutes away to visit my uncle (dad’s brother), he lived on property that had been in my family for years–where my dad and grandparents had both been raised. We did some night time coon hunting there, and at a point in the night, a light starts to appear off in the horizon. It looked to every respect like you might think an aircraft would look, it was low enough in the sky it obviously wasn’t a star or whatever, and it was moving towards us, but it was high enough up the light was all you could see.

So far nothing exciting or interesting at all, it passes over us (probably at a height of several thousand feet) and keeps going, but then it slows down, and it starts tracking back the way it came–it didn’t turn around, it just slowed, then reversed direction, and tracked back off into the distance. This happened several more times that night, probably 3 times, the others came from different directions but had the same behavior of reversing direction in mid-air. After the first one, both my dad and uncle mentioned the light’s movement–they specifically said they had been seeing these weird lights for years, going back to their own childhoods in the 1930s.

Interesting. I’ve never considered that this is what happened to my pen. I’ve always thought it was maybe invisible for a while. :grin: Here’s the story:

This took place back in the late 80s. I was sitting on the couch writing in my journal. I was using a silver Cross pen that I had had for many years. I had a glass of iced tea on the side table on my right. I put the pen down on the couch to my left, picked up the tea and took a drink. I then turned back to the left to pick up the pen. It wasn’t there. I looked in front of the couch, under the couch and reached down between the cushions. No pen. I took the cushions off the couch and checked all the crevices. I pulled the couch away from the wall and checked back there. I was getting very frustrated by this time because it was impossible that the pen had disappeared. That just doesn’t happen. I then crawled on my hands and knees and checked the floor in the entire room, as if the pen had somehow leaped from the couch and rolled across the floor. Still nothing. I was not happy that my favorite pen was gone. But I had to give up looking because it just wasn’t there.

I picked up the cushions and arranged them on the couch. I pushed it back to the wall. I sat down and took a drink of my tea. I looked to my left and the pen was laying on the couch exactly where I had put it. I’ll never forget how … discombobulated I felt. I knew it was impossible for it to be invisible or disappear for 20 minutes. But it happened.

I’m having trouble picturing this. Why was there no door on the train?