Something on my nose?

For a long time now I’ve had some sort of zit or something on my nose that doesn’t seem to go away. It actually seems like it is indented a little bit as opposed to rising above the surface of the surrounding skin, and eventually if I leave it alone for a while it kind of heals and some sort of scab or something grows over it, but if I scratch it later it comes off and begins the process again and bleeds a little bit. The thing is no matter how long I seem to leave it alone it never completely goes away. I’m not sure what I’m hoping to get out of this thread. I don’t have health insurance and can’t afford to see a doctor.

Hopefully it’s nothing serious, but you should get it looked at. Here’s a list of Georgia Free Clinics.

You need to consult a medical professional. Hopefully you can find one at the link provided by **Darryl Lict. ** “Free” medical advice on an anonymous message board is worth less than what you pay for it.

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