Something on the SDMB is blowing up my virus scanner

Every time I click a link today, my virus scanner keeps warning me that it has blocked the below URL (broken for obvious reasons):

So…nothing from the admins about this?

Interesting. I don’t have a particularly good answer for you because I am not techy enough, but I just checked Adblock Plus. That exact script is currently being blocked by Adblock Plus on my machine (along with scripts from,,, and www Hmm…

Found on Google, possibly useless, but maybe not: A reply from another message board where this popped up:

It’s fiiiiine.

You’ll be fine. :slight_smile:

Driving Revenue is part of the ad package – this is probably a misapplied link/malformed coding on the ad side.

Just the same, I’ll report this up to Jerry.

It’s pinging my work virus check, too, just FYI.

Thank you.

So why is that script as well as the others I mentioned showing up in Adblock even for members (who don’t get ads)?