Something slams into Jupiter. Again

Boy, first Shoemaker-Levy hits Jupiter in a string of collisions back in 1994, and now this:

If Jupiter is getting hit every 20 years or so by space debris, it’s a clear sign that this is a dangerous cosmic neighborhood. I’m packing up and moving somewhere were it’s safe.

Actually, be happy that big ol’ Jupiter is sucking up all those bits and pieces in it’s gravity well, which leaves less debris floating around that could slam into us.

Hey, physics happens.

It’s not as if Jupiter is a big Dyson Vacuum pulling in all the detritus of the Solar system – it’s just a bigger target. That it can get hit twice in just over twenty years is a measure of how much junk is floating around out there.

Me, I’ve already tried to contact a Vogon ship, and I’m wearing my towel.

Actually, according to your link:

And the link from your link:

It seems that the big guy is getting smacked around quite a bit.

Great. I’m sending out more signals to the Vogons, and studying their poetry. And, despite the warning on my Guide, I’m going to start panicking.

Actually, it kinda is. A really big M2 to plug into F=(M1+M2)/D^2 and all. Let D get a little too small and you’re in trouble.

That’s true, but that effectively increases its impact cross-section more than anything else. Its effect in yanking debris away from elsewhere (and particularly in making it hit itself) isn’t all that big.

You should cram a fish into your ear. To get a head start on things. And maybe try falling down as missing the ground.

post pics

I understand that having a few beers prior to boarding is also traditional.

I’m grounding Jupiter. He is spending far too much of his time in mosh pits.


Are there any pics of “atmosphere zero” where the impact has blackened the cloud layers?

Fuck Jupiter.