Sometimes I wish there was a Straight Dope chatroom.

Sometimes I wish there was (were?) a Straight Dope chatroom.

Then I could probably find an interesting conversation whenever I am lonely, or

it’s really late.

That would be nice.

Ye’re in it

Um, there is a chatroom.

IIRC, on, look for #straightdope.

I think it’s still on that server.

That’s clever, but I want more out my fellow dopers. I want live action!

On preview, I never knew that. I will try and figure out how to find that.

I often wish the same thing; that there was a Straight Dope chatroom that didn’t involve messing around with IRC or anything complicated like that.

I’ve seen other boards with an in-built chat programme that works pretty well, but I don’t think we’re ever likely to see anything that progressive or useful around here anytime soon…

Perhaps I’m flattering myself, but I tend to find myself pretty advanced when it comes to being online. I have no idea what IRC or IIRC is until a few moments from now, when I Google it.

More accurately, there was a SDMB chatroom. Technically, it’s still there - IRC chatrooms don’t go away - but there’s been no traffic for at least a couple of years now. Once I quit hanging out there, there was no point in anyone else dropping by. :smiley:

That’s excellent.

twicks, a long-time Edith Wharton fan

Still on Newnet.

Every 6 months or so I’ll get really bored and poke some friends online via IM or on my livejournal or whatever with the desire to have an “old school chat night!” We can usually gather up anywhere from 20 t0 30 people or so, and it’s pretty fun.

Might be time for another one! :wink:

That’s the problem… IRC isn’t advanced at all! It’s downright ancient, as these things go! :slight_smile:

I tend to treat my online games [eve or wow] as a chat room=) with the added bonus of making in game loot and killing stuff=)

unh Unh UUHNNN!!! Was it good for you? I need a cigarette. You virile beast you!!


oh, sorry. still a little bitter over that incident senior year.

If it involved a sled, so am I.

I’ve never read Ethan Frome, and intend to keep it that way. Check out Custom of the Country if you’d like to see why she has fans.

I nearly shot myself reading Age of Innocence. I don’t know that I’ll subject myself to her again. Austin? Fine. No more Wharton.

Newnet?! Jeez, am I out of the loop… I kept going back to Undernet.