Sometimes, it just isn't your day

Zebra escapes crocodile in the water only to get taken down by two lions on land. :smack:

Warning: graphic nature in action -

I thought this was going to be a link to a Pearls Before Swine strip.

Brutal. And cool. I must imagine that it’s a terrible thing, still being alive (for a little while, anyway) while you’re being torn apart and eaten.

Of course, in America the crocodile would be suing the lions…

The narration is hilarious. “That’s two lionesses killing a zehbra on a balloon.”

That reminds me of a video where an impala had escaped from some lions by going into water but was stuck in the mud. A helpful hippo then came along and assisted the impala by flipping it upside down so that the impala’s head was stuck in the mud and it’s legs twitching in the air.

Briefly twitching.

The New Zoo Revue never had *that *episode.

The only reason the planet isn’t piled 1000s of feet thick in living animals is that they die and get eaten by other life, including microbes.

Damn good thing that happens.

Because we would have a mole of moles?

I *hate *it when that happens :smiley:

For those who don’t get the joke: A Mole of Moles

aside: In an odd coincidence I posted something about moles earlier this afternoon. First time I’ve thought of moles in years and now it’s two unrelated things in one day.

Not Cazooee!!!