Sometimes The Onion just nails it

And this might be the best example so far.

Beee-ootiful! I love it, thanks!

Bang on, though I wasn’t aware the U.S. had a “charter”.

I’d tell you which line is the funniest, but I’d probably get in trouble around these parts.

I want to find whoever wrote that and hug them.

If I tried to show that to anybody in Tennessee, I’d be torn to pieces.

This guy is what’s known as a “fucked constructionist.”

The Onion used to be funny. Now it’s too busy trying to make political points and ape Jon Stewart. They have gone downhill big-time.

No, that was funny. And you know why it’s funny?

It’s funny 'cause it’s true!

Eh, I’ll side with Argent Towers and others, this was OK, but I’ve seen a lot better from the Onion.

This article in particular seems to point out far too many times how the subject’s views differ from reality, probably would have been better if the article was written without a mention of reality at all. But then Poe’s Law gets involved (like the Onion story which wrote, without a hint of sarcasm, of gays “filling their conversion quota” or of kids “turning to withcraft” based on Harry Potter.)

This is the most amusing part:

Not funny. They explain the joke and that is never good.

That quote is a good example of how the Onion laughs at idiocy wherever they see it, right-wing or left-wing.

That’s what the Onion does. The joke is the headline and the actual story beats you over the head with it.

See also: National Lampoon, Annals of Improbable Research,, satire, and for the generously impaired, humor.

Mildly amusing. Actually, as right-wing Constitutionalists go, the fictional character profiled is pretty mild (albeit ignorant). In real life, just a little digging on the net will reveal the people who are the constitutional law equivalent of creationists (i.e., those who deny the legitimacy of every amendment starting with the 16th) and flat earthers (i.e., those who deny the legitimacy of every amendment passed after the Civil War). If he’d been one of those, the article would’ve been a lot funnier.

Not if it was Middle Tennessee :wink:

Yeah, I particularly like how it shows that the cluelessness was passed on from generation to generation even though the partisanship was not.

Okay, so maybe I was wrong. That was the part that actually made me laugh, as it was actually unexpected.

I live in Middle Tennessee.:smack: