Sometimes the Silver Lining is a Six Pound Fossil Tooth

Things like this make me imagine God as a bored transcendent entity. “What can I do to really screw with their heads, in a benign way?”

I wonder if that mammoth tooth was thus unearthed through extreme wave action for the first time or if it was originally part of a Bolivar Peninsula resident’s collection, possibly first discovered in a different place entirely, and was simply part of the deris from the resident’s destroyed household and possessions. For those unfamiliar with the area, Bolivar was one of the locales absolutely obliterated by the storm.

Hopefully the former, as it would expand our understanding and address the likelihood of additional finds.

How cool that someone who knew what it was found it. Most people probably wouldn’t even notice it among the rubble.

I agree with twickster - how cool that someone who knew what to look for actually found it? Very interesting. Living in New England we can find all sorts of cool artifacts on the beaches and middens scattered about the shores and colonial fields. One of my favorit pastimes is walking a beach that is not on the normal radar to go to and seeing what I can see. So far the only thing I’ve found are large quahog shells and the occasional lobster pot buoy. I’m holding out for the viking ship to wash up on one of our beaches. :slight_smile: