Somewhere, a Simpsons writer is kicking himself

You know that at some point while brainstorming for ideas, a Simpsons writer came up with an episode centered around Ranier Wolfcastle running for political office. Who knows, maybe it was a bit too unrealistic for The Simpsons.

Wait for it.

As Conan O’ Brian has said, Arnold is going to be comedy gold until the next election.

Recall Mary Baily!

I’d like to recall Mary Carey!

[generic ballot-box stuffing joke]

There was the episode where Krusty runs for Congress, egged on by the Simpsons because of the airplanes flying over their house.

Too unrealistic? (at the time) Mebbe so, but not anymore. The “Governator” is in town. This is going to be a motherlode if ever there was one.

Of course, I nominate this out-of-place political miscreant for the starring role in a new remake of …

Wait for it …

Total Recall II: The Ousting.

I think we all know what his reelection campaign slogan will be.

Heh, by coincidence just last night the local station ran the recent one where Krusty became a senator. (Congressman. Whatever.)

“You have what you want, give these people the air” doesn’t really sound bad to me…

Big Arn won’t stick around, he’s too busy kicking a$s. He protects us from the Barbaric nomads, machines, terrorists, and something called a “Johnny Cab”, something which I hear can turn on a fella.