New Trump/Clinton skit on the Simpsons

“Watch The Simpsons Take Down Trump As Homer Explains How He Became A Democrat”
I like the “hair” piece…

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I wasn’t sure what he said originally but it is “make Chris Christie eat a worm just for laughs”.

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“Watch The Simpsons Take Down Trump As Homer Explains How He Became A Democrat”
I like the “hair” piece…

Direct Youtube link:


This was a massive bummer. Did The Simpsons used to be clever satire, or was I just too young to know the difference?

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Yeah, this showed up on my Facebook feed. Found it stupid and ham-fisted.

Yeah, it doesn’t have the zing of Bart’s reply to President Bush the Elder, “Hey, we’re just like the Walton family. We’re waiting for the depression to end too.”

Junior Spaceman:

When it came to politics, the Simpsons was always blatantly and un-cleverly anti-Republican. there was an episode where it depicted the Republican convention and Democratic convention in the background, and the Republican one had signs saying “We’re Evil!” The Springfield Republican Party includes flippin’ Dracula. The Simpsons can be clever in many ways, and sometimes on specific issues they’ll portray a right-wing position with some degree of even-handedness (e.g., gun rights in “The Cartridge Family”), but they have always been un-clever, straight-forward Hollywood Democrats when it comes to party politics.

See, a Dracula reference is kind of funny. Trump sleeping next to a book by “A. Hitler”? Not so much. And the Kang-Kodos aliens taking over the Clinton-Dole campaign was a classic. I found the first eight or so seasons, when they injected political jabs into it, way less ham-fisted and more clever than whatever this crap is.

Indeed. I love the Simpsons and still watch it (this season’s been better…) and though they lean left, they’ve taken jabs at both sides. Trump deserves all the shots coming his way but this was with little nuance and basically said the same thing any hack comedian on stage could say. Simpsons should do it better.

Donald Grump
Sesame Street

Homer has always been a Democrat - in fact, he even votes for Obama in 2008. Well, he tries, but every vote is counted as one for “President McCain” (in the opening of season 20’s “Treehouse of Horror XIX”).

In fairness, IIRC the Democratic one had “We Can’t Govern!”

It would be clever satire, but it appears ham-fisted because it is uncomfortably close to the truth. How can the election be satired when things are actually unbelievably crazy.

Actually, no. If it is a reference to this article, then it is somewhat clever, though it’ll appear as a ham-fisted reference to the vast majority of people who are unfamiliar with it.

Also, Jimmy Carter was “history’s greatest monster.”

You’re right, I kind of said the opposite of what I was going for. What I meant was, satire of real things that are unbelievably crazy can appear to be ham-fisted.

The Other Waldo Pepper:

True, but I think it’s safe to say that when you call one side “evil” and one side "incompetent’, it’s still clear which side you favor.


But later redeemed by being depicted building houses for the homeless (though the duel-displaced Simpsons didn’t qualify, in his eyes).

Rather depends what the two sides are.

Wow so it seems that part of the show was probably based on something true.

Simpsons will take jabs at anything mockable, and Trump easily qualifies.

A great early season line from Grandpa:

Lisa: “Didn’t you wonder why you were getting checks for doing nothing?”

Grandpa: “I figured it was because the democrats were in power again.”