Son lears a trick, dad learns a skill.

I’m now fairly good at patching drywall. One of his cousins introduced him to the WWE when he was at grandma’s-- Once home, he threw himself at everything.

Four holes in three rooms, including one Wyle E. Coyote-style perfect 3-year-old shaped hole in the bedroom.

It seems we have cheap, thin drywall.
And plaster over slats in another part of the place.

Yes, I took care of the dust as I worked-- old house, I know.

So I spent this afternoon learning how, and then rebuilding one wall and patching holes in others. Looks awesome, except for the need of fresh paint.

Next time, I’m gonna cover everything with those foam pads you see on the floor in the freeweights room.

Learns, even.

Wish it didn’t take 15 minutes to post a new thread now.



Um, wow.

:smiley: I do hope you took pictures of this.

Drywall repair is a very useful skill – just don’t advertise it too much, or all your friends and relatives will want your (free) help on their home improvement/remodeling projects.

Could’ve been worse; it could have been three holes in four rooms. :smack: