Sonata the sleeping pill's side effects INTERESTING

OMG!!!i just took a sleeping pill called SONATA
and I drifted off for maybe 20 minutes.
when I woke up it was freaky

I couldnt quite tell if it were a dream or not. when I look in a mirror, I saw another me standing behind me unless I got real close.
I herd some skizoid voices that said strange things. then all my perceptions of distance and weight got screwed
I kept on not quite seeing stuff out of my perhifrial vision. that goes away when i look.
and at one point I was absoultely convince that my girlfiend walked by. But I know I dont have one. And I thalked to my self a lot. And it felt like I had hyper ADHD

Its no where near as bad now. now everything just seems a bit off kilter.
but I recommend SONATA to every one.
I’m going to get off now. Bye

OMG!!!i What a tintinnabulating affirmation!
I mean a pealing promotion…
a reverberating recommendation
clarion concurrence…
A sonorous sanction is what it is
what y’all call
a ringing endorsement!

Ding, dong, ding, dong!

I give this to my 15 year old son at bedtime. He does have ADHD. Hmmmm I wonder what I am starting here?

Apparently, you have some trouble spelling when high on mind-altering substances. I suppose we shouldn’t be to hard on you.

It would be a good idea to not keep taking it, however. Your next trip might not be so pleasant.

I’m high on mind-altering substances, and I can still spell. I may talk absolute rot, but it’s correctly-spelled rot, by Jiminy.


I was on the tail end of the effects when I posted that. Though my spelling never has been that great.

I’ve taken sonata before without any ill side effects. Though when I’ve taken it in the past I fell asleep not to long after taking it. This was the first time I’ve taken it and stayed awake