Song ID: electronica Christmas song with 'creepy' ho-ho-hos throughout

Not much to go on lyrically here – the song is largely an electronic instrumental, with some ‘creepy-ish’ ho-ho-hos sparsely interspersed throughout the song. I think I remember there being some occasional low-volume carol singing mixed into the track – not 100% on that. The electronic music doesn’t sound like anything familiar though it sounds Christmasy, somehow – fairly sure it’s not an electronic version of a classic. It’s nothing that I’ve ever heard on popular “Christmas songs” radio, and I listen to a lot of that every Christmas season.

We heard it in a store while out shopping, so the fidelity wasn’t great. My wife thought it was a Coldplay song, so I checked it out when we got home. I found their 2010 Christmas release “Christmas Lights”, but that wasn’t what we heard in the store. I also didn’t turn up any other Coldplay Christmas songs. Her response to my findings was that “it was a Coldplay beat”, for what that’s worth. But the ho-ho-hos were really memorable – we’ve already developed an in-joke about them.

I Googled “electronica christmas song, ho ho ho” and checked out the first two videos listed. I don’t believe it was either K-391’s “Ho Ho Ho” or the “Merry Christmas! Techno ho-ho-ho” link. I could churn through more links and videos, but I thought querying the Dope might be more fruitful – someone might just know it without having to dig around.

Unlikely to help with the song ID but here’s a bump.

When it comes to creepy ho-ho-hos, I always go with Flanders’ Christmas decorations.

^ It’s craptacular!

I realized later on that I could have given another hint: the song’s tempo.

While it’s electronica, it is at a deliberate “trancey” tempo. It’s not high-energy dance music or anything like that.

heh theres a mix thing that’s a munch of holiday sounds and sampled songs and the only words are some creepy old guy booming happy holidays from a xmas song …… it goes of for like 10 minutes

Yeah, it’s doubly tricky when there’s no real lyrics to use as clues.

I wonder if there’s a way to figure out what kind of piped-in music the store was using. Something over the air? A CD or some other media (maybe files on a computer)?

A cromulant review.