Song ID - This American Life & the Godfather?

Can someone ID this song I heard in the background of a This American Life episode? This is the page for the show with a player to stream it. Skip to 31:00 and you’ll hear the reporter talking over a swing-style song.

  1. What song is that?

  2. Is this the same song we see Connie and her new husband dancing to in the wedding scene of The Godfather?

All I can say is it definitely doesn’t sound like the music from the opening wedding scene in The Godfather. It sounds more like a Jewish, NYC jazz piece rather than old school Italian wedding music…

Sounds like Benny Goodman to me, but I can’t place the song.

That’s the Panorama Jazz Band; the song is called Whispering. It’s from their 2003 album Another Hot Night In February.

You can listen to a small sample of it at their CD Baby page for the album (last track, #16).

Here’s their website.

Not the song from The Godfather, btw. I can’t remember that one (it’s not A Luna Mezzo 'O Mare, that’s the one that Carmela Corleone sings at the wedding).


Probably the best-known recording of Whispering is by Paul Whiteman’s Orchestra in 1920. The instrument that sounds like a musical saw is actually a slide whistle.

Snowboarder Bo got the first one, the other one is a bit obscure, and it was made specially for the movie by Carmine Coppola.

The Godfather’s Family Wedding Album - The Godfather Fox Trot

*[Sic] the name was actually Carmine and it was a guy.