Song In a Cadillac Commercial?

I heard this really catchy tune in a recent GM Cadillac commercial. I live in Detroit, MI. And I don’t know if it is just a local commercial.

It’s hard to transcribe a song into text. But basically the woman singer sounds like she is yodeling. “WEE-OO! WEE-OO!” She goes. Then a couple of “long” “WEE-OOH’s” follow.

I searched it once on Youtube. But I couldn’t find it. (Which is not surprising. All I know is it is a Cadillac commercial. Youtube needs more than that in their search engine.)

I was actually hoping I could make a CD for myself from FYE’s make-your-own CD site.

Yeah, they have almost everything there. So they may have this too.

Again, what is the name of this song? Yodeling and “WEE-OOH” is all I can tell you.


“Let me in” by the Sensations:

Thank you:)!

One thing I don’t understand though. They are an African American band. So why does it sound like they’re yodeling?

The genre is Doo-Wop and one characteristic of Doo-Wop is nonsense syllables sort of like Jazz’s Scat Singing.

I don’t think “Let Me In” sounds anything like yodeling. Yodeling has those up and down notes (?) which I am sure someone will put a name to.