Song Lyrics to ID

There’s a song I have heard, and every time they never, ever say who/what it is. All I know is that it is a hard-rock song, and all I know of the chorus is a little big which says: “And, I want; and I need; and I love…”

Could be anybody circa 1990’s? My first guess would be Def Leppard, but I know this isn’t much to go on. Please provide artist and title, if you could.

  • Jinx

A quick Google search sent me here.

Yes? No?

Allow me also to introduce you to Google, which when fed the phrase “Def Leppard I want need love” returned something on the first hit.

Try it sometime–you’ll like it.:wink:

Yup, it’s Def Leppard - “Animal”.

I graduated from high school in 1985, and the airwaves back then were soaked with those guys. I’ve heard that song more times than I ever wanted to.


Oh, Sure! :rolleyes: That would have been my first thought to Google on…
C’mon, I knew so little of this song. I think you were applying hindsight to have known to enter that phrase. I might as well have Googled on “imda gleebin globben globen” ort “eeny meeny miney moe”!

So, is that like the title of this song: “I Want Need Love”? Obviously, the intent is for the music to first deffen (sic) you so you miss the lyrics altogther. Don’t worry, though! I still like chillin’ out to Def Lep.

  • Jinx

Regarding using Google to ID songs: Often, I’ll hear some song or another in a public place, and I’ll wonder “who’s that and what’s the title?” Nine times out of ten, I have been able to ID songs with only a phrase or two of a song – even when the artist is also unknown.

The trick is to enter the following string format into Google:

lyrics, “[sub]snippet of lyrics you heard[/sub]”, "[sub]further snippet of lyrics you heard[/sub]"

So in Jinx’s case, the string would be:

lyrics, “and I want”, "and I need"

The first hit is to Def Leppard’s “Animal”.