song problem.

there is a song. i heard it on a cd i got from the store “Delia*s” once. it goes “cha cha cha don’t you know that i love you cha cha cha…” some weird cha cha song. but it was wicked cool. and some guy sang it. i don’t know. HELP. what was it!!! anyone… .

thank you times a million. especially if you know it.

Threads in which you ask us to identify a song from very little information generally belong in Cafe Society. Not because this isn’t a factual question, but because you’re much more likely to get an answer in CS. If a mod doesn’t notice this within a day or two, you might ask them to move it for you. Also, you can try typing the lyrics into Google (make sure you surround the line with quotation marks) and sometimes that will get you an answer.

Might you be able to remember the notes of the hook, chorus, etc. and perhaps give us the note letters, time signature, style of the tune, and what-not?