Song title question, Polish speakers welcome!

Ok, I will try to form all of this into complete thoughts… I am having trouble with obtaining a song title for a Polish TV series called “klub szalonych dziewic” (Crazy Club Virgins :wink: ), TVN in Poland aires this series. I do not speak Polish but my sister-in-law does. I have been involved in the hunt because 1) she knows how much I love music of all types and 2) while the entire show is in Polish, the song is completely English, heh… In fact, I’d swear this was the singer Jem singing this song, but I’ve gone through all her material and there is nothing like this in her discography.
Not to brag, but I’m quite good as I do it quite alot, so I’ve done all the obvious looking, the tv network, youtube, myspace, the credits at the end of the program. unfortunately it’s looking like maybe it’s one of those made-for-tv-pieces of music… but I’m here regardless trying to cover all my bases and searching for a new perspective because we are both I would have to use the word “obsessive” about finding music pieces xD

And now for thoroughness I will include a limited time link to the audio portion of this show that has the song in the background. Also for thoroughness I will include the lyrics that I have pulled from the song personally. If you are able to understand Polish however you have an added advantage I don’t, because I can’t really write the tv show or the music director :wink:

Link to audio clip HERE

And the words: “how has it come to this, so you wanna be with this, how has it come to this” oh-oh-oh Don’t see what you don’t see, one thing’s that’s clear to me, don’t see what you don’t see oh-oh-oh (not sure about “and”) and you ca-n b-e-e heaarrrd, loud-er than words, how could you lose sight, it’s brighter… [cuts off] I’m guessing she says “brighter than bright” …since listening to another clip she goes on to sing “mercy,mercy, me… how has it come to his, oh mercy,mercy me”

Ok folks let me know if you can help… it’s the best I can do and I’d really like to beat this challenge… :wink: