Songs about film and motion pictures

In the recent tradition of “Songs About…” threads, let’s do one about movies & photography.

Alien Ant Farm “Movies”
Def Leppard “Photograph”
Duran Duran “Girls on Film”
J. Geils Band “Freeze-Frame”
Peter Gabriel “Family Snapshot”
Quarterflash “Take Another Picture”
Rush “The Camera Eye”
Steely Dan “Everybody’s Gone to the Movies”
The Cure “Pictures of You”
Yes “Into the Lens (I Am A Camera)”


Paul Simon -“Kodachrome”

“Kodachrome” by Simon & Garfunkel


“Celluloid Heroes” by the Kinks

“Act Naturally”-Buck Owens

“Take a Picture” by Filter

Maybe a cheat since it’s a theme song from a TV show, but The Unknown Stuntman (theme of The Fall Guy and sung by its star, Lee Majors) is obviously about making movies and TV and it references a lot of stars from that era.

“Saturday Night at the Movies” - The Drifters

“Cinema” - Benny Benassi

“Silver Screen (Shower Scene)” - Felix Da Housecat

Two from the Statler Brothers

Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott?

“Screenwriter’s Blues”-Soul Coughing

“Photograph” by Ringo Starr

“Science Fiction/Double Feature”-The Rocky Horror Picture Show Soundtrack (Richard O’Brien)

“She’s in Parties”-Bauhaus

Depeche Mode: Photographic and A Photograph Of You

Neil Young: Motion Pictures
It’s not solely about motion pictures, but it’s called Motion Pictures.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something:

“Movies Is Magic” - Brian Wilson & Van Dyke Parks

I think Ultravox’s “Reap the Wild Wind” is about the movie of the same name.
Big Audio Dynamite’s “E=mc2” is about Nicholas Roeg movies.

IIRC, that one’s mostly about an assassination, but it’s been awhile.

How about:
The Friends of Mr Cairo - Jon and Vangelis.
**Turning Japanese **- The Vapors