Songs with a photography theme - suggestions needed

I’m helping a friend with finding music to put under videos she’s creating to promote her photography business. I have plenty of recommendations for her of great songs that would work regardless of the theme - but I’d like to offer up some great photography-themed songs as well.

If the song has an easily recognizable instrumental background, even better. Here are the songs I’ve already come up, but now I’m stumped.

Paul Simon - “Kodachrome”
The Kinks - “Picture Book”
The Cure - “Pictures of You”

What else ya got?

Ringo Starr - Photograph
Def Leppard - Photograph

J Geils Band - Freeze Frame and Centerfold

Weezer - “Photograph”
Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow - “Picture”

Deep Purple - Pictures of Home
Buggles - I Am A Camera

Jackson Browne – “Fountains of Sorrow”

Bishop Allen’s “Click Click Click Camera”
Spoon’s “I Turn My Camera On”
Duran Duran “Girls On Film”

John Wesley Harding-“Still Photo”

The Lucksmiths - “Camera Shy.”

Ben Folds’ “Sentimental Guy?” It has the following lines:

“People talkin’ and I’m watching
As flashes of their faces go black and white
And fade to yellow in a box in an attic”

Billy Connolly - You Take My Photograph, I Break Your Face

Depeche Mode: Photograph of You

From the same album: “People Take Pictures of Each Other”

more obscure:
Van der Graaf: “The Last Frame”
Peter Hammill (as Rikki Nadir): “The Polaroid”

Rush: “The Camera Eye” (about New York City and London as seen from the perspective of a photographer).

“Wishing” by Flock of Seagulls

“Turning Japanese” by the Vapors talks quite a bit about pictures, plus it’s got just a dynamite hook.

The Last Goodnight - “Pictures of You”
Juanes - “Fotografia”

Snapshot, by Sylvia

Awesome suggestions so far. I thought of another one while reading the replies:

Wilco - “Kamera”

All mine have already been mentioned . . .

How about “Picture This” by Blondie.