Songs from or whole concerts you attended on official live recordings

So my not so secret favorite band, Norway’s mighty Motorpsycho, released the 5th installment of their ongoing live documentation, Roadwork Vol. 5: Field Notes, Europe 2017: The Fantastic Expedition of Jarmyr, Ryan, Saether & Lo (yes, that’s a nod to Dillard and Clark; though you don’t guess it from this album, they can do fine country rock too). If you ask what music they make: one of those live albums was titled Intrepid Skronk, and that’s all you gotta know, and it’s all wonderful. One of the greatest performing rock band of our times.

The new album has a track called “Köln”, that’s German for Cologne, and as usual, I was at their 2017 gig in Cologne and am sure that it was recorded there, cause it’s a new track, mostly a quiet keyboard jam/improvisation with some guitar I remember for the fact that I went to the loo during it at that concert :smack::D. Well, it begun a little lame, and it was time to go. The woman responsible for the restrooms that evening (yes, we have Klofrauen everywhere) snipped: “This is the first time I can hear anything since the start of the concert!” And she was right.

So I was underwhelmed at the event itself, but hey, my favorite band has a live track I heard developing on stage! I attended several hundreds, rather thousands of concerts in my life, and wouldn’t count it out that there are other official recordings I witnessed, but I can’t think of another. Can you? Hey, maybe you’re the guy who shouted “Judas” at Dylan’s “Albert Hall Concert” in the Manchester Free Trade Hall in 1966?

(and please no bootlegs or youtube vids, only official recordings released by a record label, I’m old-fashioned like that ;))

The Grateful Dead performed “Touch of Grey” in concert for years before it showed up on a record in 1987. I attended several of shows during that time.

The Who incorporated a proto-version of “Old Red Wine” in song-ending jams on tour beginning in 2002 before the song was released in 2004.

I haven’t had the opportunity, but I’ve often wondered about the persons that add stuff like the whistle in the live Stairway to Heaven, and similar recognizable fan contributions to live recordings. Do they tell everyone “that’s ME!”? I probably would.

Sorry to be nitpicking, but that’s what we do, don’t we :D? The single version of “Touch Of Grey” was the first piece of music by the Dead I ever heard in Germany, although knowing a bit about the importance and cult around the band by cultural osmosis, but they never before got played on the radio here. But wasn’t that single a pure studio recording? So you didn’t witness the actual recording, but the development on stage before it got recorded in a studio? That’s cool enough, but I was going for concerts a Doper attended and which was released partial or whole officially.

I was in the audience at one of the live gigs the Flying Burrito Brothers used for their live album. It was mixed from several concerts on the tour, so I have no idea if our concert was used. I do remember them repeating a song because the crowd was clapping along - badly.

Which set up of the band and which live album was that? I don’t remember an official live album with Gram Parsons (though there were many posthumous official releases of once bootlegs), but I think the most famous and best would be The Last Of The Hot Red Burritos.

Yep. Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Live 1975-1985. If you listen to the tracks recorded at the LA Coliseum, you can hear me. I’m the guy yelling “BRUUUUUUUUUUUUUCE!”

I got the five LP set for my 18th birthday from my best friends in 1986 and still got it. I…remember you shouting “Bruuuuce” :D!

Oops, sorry, misunderstood the premise.

At the risk of still being clueless, how about being at Winterland when *Frampton Comes Alive *was recorded?

Or how about being at The Greek Theater when The Moody Blues recorded Lovely to See You: Live?

Yeah, yeah, if you were there (and have the ticket stub to prove it :D), those count!

And respect, “Frampton Comes Alive” counts for something, one of the best sold live albums ever (though I never listened to it).

I’m on a Warren Zevon album, Learning To Flinch: I was at the Gluepot in Auckland in 1992 when he recorded Worrier King.

Well, I can’t absolutely say I still have the ticket stub for the Frampton show. But as a Total Mauser I hope maybe you can take my word for it. :smiley:

Another Winterland show I attended that became an album: Marshall Tucker’s Way Out West: Live From San Franciso

Do releases on “vanity” labels count? Some bands make concerts available directly to fans…I’m thinking of The Who’s Eel Pie Records/Encore Series where you can get lots of soundboard recordings and DVDs as well. Come to think of it, Peter Frampton offered CDs of shows on the Comes Alive 25th Anniversary tour.

I was at one of the two concerts where they recorded Bob Seger’s “Live Bullet” album. For a while I could tell which tracks were from the night I was there and which were from the other night. Couldn’t now, though.

I may be misremembering the band. It was a country rock band, but not the New Riders or Poco, which I saw around the same time (thought at a different venue, so I’m not confusing them). It would have been after Parsons left, in the early 70s.

I know there was an album, because I remember checking out the cover to see if we were mentioned.

Now I’m trying to figure out who the band might be.

ETA: It looks like “The Last of the Red Hot Burritos” does fill the bill, so I’m not misremembering.

I attended the final show of the Depeche Mode “Music for the Masses” Tour at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA in June 1988. The show and day was awesome. Wire, Thomas Dolby and OMD were the openings acts.

Not a concert, but I was at the Jim Gaffigan show here in Columbus, Ohio that was taped for his Netflix special “Cinco”.

I was at Billy Joel’s Last Play at Shea. The one Paul McCartney showed up to. Later I watched the official film and didn’t see myself, but I was there in right field. :slight_smile:

I am told I’m in the concert video for Priest…Live!, and was at the Dallas date it and half of the album was recorded at. I’ve never watched it closely to see if I’m really in it.

(Spoilered due to real violence that the man survives with aplomb, and plenty of harsh language).
Not necessarily related to the thread, but I was there when David Yow proved that the show must go on. You can hear me shout on that one.

Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman, Howe: An Evening of Yes Music Plus

The album is from a single show (but the entire show is not included on the album). I was there.

I saw Aerosmith in Indy back in October '78. They were taping for a new album- they said so, plus from my nosebleed seat, I could clearly see the tape machines running. It turned out to be the worst show I ever saw by a major act and the only one that got booed when the lights came on. I’m sure none of that concert ended up on a record!