Songs, poems, other "short" works made into movies?

The only one I can think of is Ode to Billy Joe, which was first a song by Bobbie Gentry and then inspired a movie starring the venerable Robbie Benson as a young fella who killed himself because he had horrible taste in shoes…

Can you think of any?

I am pretty certain that **“Alice’s Restaurant” **as a song preceded the film version. Oh - wonderful song! :slight_smile:
<departs singing about the Group W bench>

Gunga Din

Jabberwocky. Lewis Carroll poem, made into a movie with Michael Palin.

R.E.M.'s - Man on the Moon qualifes sorta.

Stephen King’s short story Dolan’s Cadillac will be made into a movie. Not sure when it’s coming out, but supposedly Kevin Bacon and Sylvester Stallone are going to be in it.

“A Fool There Was.” Started as a painting (“The Vampire”) by Philip Burne-Jones, which inspired a poem (“The Vampire”) by Rudyard Kipling, which became a play (“A Fool There Was”), which in turn was filmed in 1915.

There have also been a couple films based (quite loosely) on “Frankie and Johnny” and “St. Louis Blues.”

Jeanne Riley’s song “Harper Valley P.T.A.” became a movie, then TV series starring Barbara Eden.

Well if we’re counting movies based on short stories by Stephen King:

Maximum Overdrive (short story “Trucks”)
Children of the Corn
Stand By Me
The Shawshank Redemption

and a bunch of other less successful ones.

OMG, that’s RIGHT! Ahhh, the mem’ries…:smiley:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas
** SpilerVirgin** don’t forget The Running Man.

Did anyone else see the movie based on “A Rose for Emily”? Man, that was creepy.

There are thousands of short stories adapted into movies, so I’ll skip those. Let’s stick to songs and poems.

  1. Sean Penn’s “Indian Runner” was a feature length version of Bruce Springsteen’s dreary song “Highway Patrolman” (from the godawful “Nebraska” album

  2. Sam Peckinpah made a terrible movie, “Convoy,” based on C.W. McCall’s CB radio novelty song.

  3. Elvis Presley made a horrible movie (what a surprise!) based on the old song “Frankie & Johnny”

Short Cuts was based on ( I think) eight short stories and a poem by Raymond Carver.

Several of Roger Corman’s horror films from the 60s were supposed to be based on Edgar Allen Poe poems and stories. But many, like The Raven, had little if anything to do with the source works.

Kirk Douglas was in an adaption of Homer’s epic poem Ulysses.

If only I could forget that shitty adaption of William Gibson’s short story, Johnny Mnemonic. Terrible movie, and Gibson even wrote the screenplay. Urgh!

A couple other movies which were turned into songs:

Coal Miner’s Daughter
Take This Job and Shove It

Seeing the thread title, I thought of Ode to Billy Joe, Harper Valley PTA, and Convoy. All of which have already been mentioned.

The movie The Wild Party was based on a narrative poem.

And if you define short work loosely enough, there was at least one movie based on a TV commercial. The commercial was for Coke or Pepsi and had a small kid offering his drink to football player Mean Joe Greene. I personally don’t see a lot of story potential here but I didn’t see the finished product.

Nine To Five

Field Of Dreams

National Lampoon’s Vacation

Enemy Mine if novellas get to count as short enough.

Speaking of movies made from the individual stories in Stephen King’s Different Seasons, Apt Pupil

Also Stephen King: The Mangler

I’ve got the video; I have college students read the story and then watch the creepy thing.

Also, the 90-minute film Smooth Talk , with Laura Dern and Treat Williams, was based on Joyce Carol Oates’ story “Where are you going, where have you been?”