Songs That "Get to You," But Theoretically Shouldn't

So I was just listening to “Blaze of Glory” by Bon Jovi, and I must say I got a little emotionally worked up. I don’t know why - I never particularly liked that song. But I got to thinking about a friend of mine who committed suicide by jumping off one of the buildings at his college in Florida. He always talked about how, when he died, he wanted to “go down in a blaze of glory,” like the Bon Jovi song. If he couldn’t be remembered in life, he wanted to be remembered in death.

Anyone else have songs that get them all choked up for reasons unknown to others? Songs that generally aren’t thought of as “tugging at the heartstrings”?

A song by cat stevens called father and son. It’s emotional to begin with, but my drunken father introduced it to me and then promptly included information about my mother that I didn’t know that makes me wonder about her depression.

It’s funny you should mention this, because I was listening to my Synchronicity II mp3, by The Police, just the other day and I got more than misty eyed. I think part of the reason is that I finally understood the lyrics, but I’ve never had that kind of a reaction to any song before. I don’t know why this song should strike such a chord in me.

“Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” by the Police has never failed to get a tear from me. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because of that line, “Must I always be alone?”

Too many.

Drift Away by Dobie Gray - I’m not exactly sure why, but it always makes me just bawl. The first part of the song is crushingly sad. I think it reminds me of how depressed I can get (in the past, not so much now thank God, but it still has that effect whenever I hear it).

No Rain by Blind Melon - Again, not exactly sure why. It sounds so upbeat and peppy, yet on some level seems sad to me. I crank up the volume when it comes on the radio and I start wailing. Perhaps I’m just remembering the poor bee girl and how she searches and searches and finally finds acceptance with the other bee people.

JustPlainBryan, I have that same problem with Synchronicity II every time.

Sigh. Maybe my therapist can work me in this afternoon.


I often cry when hearing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, because all he wanted was to play with the other reindeer, and they were so mean.

Also Puff the Magic Dragon, because the little boy grew up and ignored his old friend.

“Above All”, by Michael W. Smith.

It’s a Contemporary Christian song, which goes on and on about how great Jesus is. I’m an atheist – I think Christianity is a bunch of hoo-ha. But damn, that song gets to me every time.

Plus, didn’t the lead singer commit suicide?

There’s a Sublime song that talks about the lead singer’s kid, and how he’s going to have to change his life now that he’s got a son. Of course he later died of a herion overdose.

It wasn’t a suicide, it was an accidental overdose, IIRC. But that’s a great song - hell, it’s a great album - and Shannon Hoon was a gifted singer, as was shown in the Guns N’ Roses song “Don’t Cry,” where he did a duet with Axl Rose.

Another song that gets to me, but really shouldn’t, is “Gypsy Woman” by Stevie Nicks. Reminds me of an old flame, when things were simpler and the sky was blue … <sigh>

OK … next?

When I first heard it(on the radio in the car), I thought the song sounded kind of cool. So I decided to download the song using a service that was named after a chocolate spread. I kept listening to it, and some of the lyrics were unintelligeble. So I did a search web and found the lyrics. The next time I listened to song, I burst into tears. I haven’t listened to it since(that was about a week ago) for fear that I would have the same reaction.

The way I interpreted the song was that this guy who has a terrible life decides to kill his family at the end, and is analogized but the “thing” that crawls out of the dark scottish lake.

[sub]Of course the song could mean something else entirely, and I am an insane lunatic :).[/sub]

I get all sentimental whenever I listen to Entry Of The Gladiators.

Doot doot dootle-ootle doot doot doo-doo…

“Angie Baby” (by Anne Murray? can’t remember, exactly)

That song really used to creep me out when I was a kid. Then, when I heard it again as an adult, and listened, really listened to the lyrics…

It creeped me out even more.


BTW, “No Rain” is actually a real downer of a song, once you get past the breezy instrumental part. It was very obviously written by a man in the throes of a deep depression.

Also, “Seasons in the Sun” by whoever it was by. I used to think it was a cheery song, and so did a lot of people I know, until a good hard listen to the actual words revealed that it was about a man who is contemplating suicide.

I think a lot of the phenomenon has to do with the fact that a lot of people are exposed to these songs via the radio, which is usually just there for background music. You’re busy working, concentrating on driving, or engaged in other activities, so all you really get is the main riff, melody and chorus. You miss the actual words, but your subconscious picks them up, and gets the real emotional content of the song.

Chiming in to agree that Blind Melon’s first album was amazing.

Songs that get to me :

Lightning crashes, by Live.
I was playing this song when I found out my grandfather had died.
I was also playing this song when my puppy was put down. (without my knowledge)

What You Give by Tesla
Don’t Close Your Eyes by Keith Whitley
World I Know by Collective Soul
Ordinary World by Duran Duran
Time in a Bottle by (who did that? Jim Croce?)
Because You Loved Me by (who did that one? Celine?)
Friends by Michael W. Smith

The last three because they were played at funerals.

Many many more…too many to name. Those are just the ones right off the top of my head. I’m an emotional basketcase.

Oh God, I 'm going to hate myself in the morning for admitting this, but Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” gets me every time. And there are a couple of Barry Manilow songs that will bring a tear to my eye, too.

BTW, I always knew “Synchronicity II” was a dark song, but I wasn’t sure what it was about. It’s still one of my favorites.

The theme from the movie “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me”- I’ve only seen about the first few minutes but the song was just so eerie. I listen to it on the Pure Moods CD. For some reason, even though I’ve never even seen Twin Peaks, I really like it. Maybe just the mood I was in that day.

Also, “Here Comes the Rain Again” by the Eurythmics. It’s also got that eerie quality to it. I associate it with winter of last year, mainly b/c I was watching a Mystery! episode where it played.

And I definitely agree with “No Rain”- It’s the only Blind Melon song I know but I think it’s great.