Songs that had two different videos released for them

Thinking about this the other day - the song Somewhere Only We Know, by Keane (which I like a lot) had several different versions of the video made - two of them are very similar, and if you’ve only ever seen the US released video, the UK one, although it looks similar, may actually freak you out (not in a ‘Boo!’ sort of way, so don’t worry).

If you’re not familiar with the song, or the video, please watch these both, in the order below, and you’ll maybe see what I mean:

USA version (sorry, it’s not a good quality upload):

The UK version:
(t’s different at about 11 seconds in, and throughout, especially at the end)

What other examples are there of songs where there was more than one video version, and they were strikingly different?

I think it is a fairly common practice but Cornflake girl is another example



Kate Bush, Running Up that Hill. I can’t find the second one, where she does this very sensual dance with this guy tho.

George Harrison did that in the 80s with Got My Mind Set on You.

The first one, with the fake George dancing.

The second one, with HOLY crap that girl has a great ass.

I know which one I prefer.

OkGo-This too Shall Pass

Rube Goldberg Machine

Marching Band

Pour Some Sugar On Me, Def Leppard:

The first, quickly withdrawn one.

The much better known second one.

Fuck You’s first video was quickly put together after the early downloadable version blew up.

After the album was released, they made a fancier version.

U2’s “Pride (In the Name of Love)” had three videos made: the Docklands version, the Slane Castle version, and a third filmed at Heathrow Airport which I couldn’t find. There were also numerous live performances which received heavy airplay, such as this one from Rattle and Hum.

The famous, award-winning video for Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”, directed by Mark Pellington, was actually the second one filmed. The original version, a low-budget affair directed by Chris Cuffaro, was never released as it was way too boring. The Pellington video was also significantly censored prior to its release. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of all three versions.

“Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood had several videos made, most of which were somewhat NSFW.

when I grow up by garbage had 2 different vids

one before the movie big daddy used it

and one that was mostly movie clips and Shirley rolling around on the daybed from the first video in a might as well be see through cat suit braless …

MGMT’s Kids had an unofficial video long before the official video was released. It’s great. The band lked it so much, they even invited its creators (the grease painted man and woman who appear in it) to appear in a later official video for a different song.

Here it is:

The official video for Kids is one of the nastiest things I’ve ever seen. Genuinely horrible.

Here it is:

Here is a random one that comes to mind. “Sunny” by Boogie Pimps.

Version 1

Groovy roller rink version

You know, their songs are fairly mediocre to me, but they make outstanding videos.

I could have sworn that there were two videos of Culture Club’s Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

This one and another that just had the group performing. But I’m not turning that other video up. Could I be misremembering another Culture Club song?