Songs that make you play air bass

Most stuff, really !
Already mentioned, Mark King, Jaco etc …
But also,
Loads of great Ian Dury Bass lines (w Norman Wattroy on bass)
Hit me with your rhythm stick
What a waste.


“Big Noise From Winnetka”. Because you’re not really playing air bass unless you’re playing an upright air bass.

If I am ever in need of a walk up song, this will be it.

The Who- “Success Story”.

Messed up quoting.

Nars - The first time I read that as “wake up” song, which was good.

But, Shining Star as your “walk up song” is awesome!

Paul McCartney and Wings’ performance of “Silly Love Songs”, especially the one from the film Give My Regards to Broad Street, where at one point they do the bass line in double-time.

24 Hours at a Time from the Where We All Belong album - Marshall Tucker Band. The whole song is one of my favorites and is worth a listen. The bass starts at 8:00.

Frank Zappa - Apostrophe 18 seconds in

Jack Bruce on bass there, right?

I kinda like the bass riff during the last minute of The Hu’s “Wolf Totem”:

From Wikipedia -" Also in 1974 he featured on the title track of Frank Zappa’s album Apostrophe (’) , recorded in November 1972. Bruce was credited with bass and co-authorship on the improvised track. When asked about Zappa in a 1992 interview, Bruce tried to change the subject and jokingly insisted that he had played only cello parts."

From the excellent album “…And Out Come the Wolves”, Rancid bass-player Matt Freeman ripping it up around the 0:50 mark of Maxwell Murder:

Lots of other tasty bass licks and parts throughout the album. There are live versions of Maxwell Murder with extended bass soloing.

Primus/Les Claypool was the first thing I thought of when I read the thread title.

For all the Who fans in this thread (heh, a lot of them maybe no longer around) - there was a Louie episode where he plays air-bass (and odd guitar strum) to “Who Are You”.

I was gonna offer the funk fingers, but apparently he didn’t use them with KC until later. Guess he just slapped away. Get a kick out of his “Industry” line from that album.

Heh yeah I was geekiest Bill Bruford geek. I thought Bruford Tapes was one of the most splunge live recordings, especially the small but raucous audience.
Mr. Berlin’s fantastic playing notwithstanding, I’ll wager most folk might have an issue with his, um, vocals:

Sure - awesome, mesmerizing, chops-coming-out-the-yin-yang level of playing, but I would’ve preferred the totally hot Annette Peacock (off Feels Good to Me, the first Bruford album) (get it, Gato!) doing the vocal chores instead.

Berlin’s playing is solid, (and awesomely a Jack Bruce freak, with a live nod, here, to Sunshine of Your Love, and then at end of next measure - “Politician”), and on the four Bruford albums he played on - an embarrassment of riches.

There’s a lot of very air-bassable David Wm Sims grooves I could throw down, like:

Opening and closing to “Siberian Khatru”


^ Mooooooooooooooo!

If you paid me, I couldn’t elucidate exactly why, but …

Is Queen Another One Bites the Dust to obvious? So simple yet so iconic.

Mu Too Ewe 2