Songs That Make You Wanna Jam!!!!!!

You know the songs I’m talking about. The ones that raise your energy level just a bit (at least) above the norm and start making you feel like you need to jam.

This thread is not to be confused with “feel good” songs, we’ve done that already. Though there is likely to be some overlap.

What I’m looking for are songs that almost no matter your mood just make you wanna start jamming out in your own special way. Whether it be head banging, a slightly more pronounced head nod, or getting up and moshing by yourself.

They can also make you want to jam in a different method from each other. Some of the following are just for moshing and jumping around wildly, the others would be more suited to some sort of “controlled” flailing. :stuck_out_tongue:

[li]All Around The World -ATC[/li][li]Day Dreamin’ Fazes -Kottonmouth Kings[/li][li]Dragula -Rob Zombie[/li][li]Falling On -Finger Eleven[/li][li]Get Away -MAXX[/li][li]Girls -Beastie Boys[/li][li]I Like To Move It -Reel 2 Reel[/li][li]In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida -Iron Butterfly (I listen to a three minute version regularly, also, I hate live videos but couldn’t find anything else, sorry)[/li][li]Nookie -Limp Bizkit (No flaming please, thanks)[/li][li]Psycho -Puddle of Mudd[/li][li]Rebel Yell -Billy Idol[/li][li]Seven Nation Army -The White Stripes[/li][li]Smells Like Teen Spirit -Nirvana[/li][li]Temperature -Sean Paul[/li][li]The Breakup Song -The Greg Kihn Band (Yes I jam to this song)[/li][li]Twilight Zone -Golden Earring[/li][li]Whiskey In the Jar -Metallica[/li][li]White Wedding -Billy Idol[/ul][/li]
As a side note, does anyone know any other Billy Idol songs that have the same general sound as the ones listed here? I have only heard these two and love them.

Okay, your turn. :cool:

All of these are video links:

Code Monkey- Jonathan Coulton
I Can’t Decide- Scissor Sisters (warning! Do not click this link if you do not want to be spoiled for the 3rd season finale for the new series of Doctor Who!)
I Feel Fantastic- also Jonathan Coulton.
Pistol Grip- The Blakes (not the highest sound quality, sorry about that)
Your Horoscope For Today- Weird Al
123456 Pokemon- Lemon Demon


I could not watch that first video for more than a minute. That was soooo cheesy, I think my cheese quota is filled for the next month.

Second one was pretty upbeat, too short though. If I wanted to use that to get really pumped up, I’d hafta listen to it like three times.

That third one I think woulda been better in that Feel Good thread. It just didn’t pump me up. Though the video was fun. :slight_smile:

Pistol Grip had a nice bass line, or something. Definately got my head movin’.

As for Weird Al, I’m not sure you can ever go wrong with him. :wink:

Ya know, Leiko, you listen to some crazy music! :cool:

Taking the Farm - The War On Drugs

Gifted - Kanye West ft Santigold and Lykke Li (Aoki Remix)

Side Yr On - Wavves

Magic Word - Fucked Up

The Prodigal Son - The Black Angels

Kids - MGMT

Lil Wayne - Dick Pleaser

Ants Marching - Dave Mathews Band
Been Caught Stealing - Jane’s Addiction
City on Down - O.A.R.
Don’t Stay Home - 311
Feels Just Like it Should - Jamiroquai
Fluorescent Adolescent - Arctic Monkeys
Give it Away - Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Grey Street - Dave Mathews Band
Hey Girl - O.A.R.
The Maestro - Beastie Boys
Ramble On - Led Zeppelin
Run Around - Blues Traveler
Shadrach - Beastie Boys
This Town - O.A.R.
What I Got - Sublime

You can also throw on some Allman Brothers or Greatful Dead and jam for hours to one or two songs.

Covered_In_Bees! - Cradle of Love and Money Money by Billy Idol.

Dude. If you want some Billy Idol, go with Mony Mony.

Something that makes me want to get up and jump around like crazy:

REO Speedwagon’s Roll With the Changes.

Yo, pretty ladies around the world… gotta weird thang to show ya.

Doin da butt… sexy, sexy.

OMC… How bizarre… something from down under.

Word Up

DA Butt

How Bizarre is New Zealand?

What Goes On by The Velvet Underground

All Right Now by Free
Back in Black by AC/DC
Crazy on You by Heart
The Stroke by Billy Squier

Goldfrapp - Strict Machine:

Goldfrapp - Train:

Ballroom Blitz - Sweet.

We’re Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister.

Play That Funky Music (White Boy) - Wild Cherry.

I’m dumb.

I completely forgot about the song “Shout” by pretty much every band ever. That definately gets the juices flowing.

The second reason I’m dumb is because I’m all sickly right now and can’t really jam to all the good stuff that’s been posted here.


Keep it coming anyways though. I’ll be healthy eventually. :smiley:

“I Can’t Decide” is actually much longer than that- they only used a part of it for that scene. But it’s my favorite version of the song (having the Master singing along just makes it so nerdy and awesome) and the first place I’d ever heard it, so I decided to link it.

Jump into the Fire, Bower of Bliss, My Little Brigadoon off the top of my pointy little head…

Is this the full version?

Gato: Was “Jump Into the Fire” actually played in the movie Goodfellas? According to this video it’s off the soundtrack. Doesn’t necessarily mean it was featured in the movie, thus my asking.

Everyone Else: Come on! I know there is at least one song out there somewhere that just makes you wanna jam! :cool:

Funky town, by Lipps Inc. Old but good :slight_smile:

Yep! (I love that sort of YouTube video, and didn’t realize there was one for I Can’t Decide.)

Yeah I love those types also. Very nice of them to provide the lyrics. If not in the video, then off to the right under “more info”.

And now I’m off to add that song to my collection. So wonderfully happy sounding. :slight_smile: