Songs to Halloween by...

A co-worker is having a Halloween party and is looking for suitable music. We have the obvious ones - The Monster Mash, Thriller, A Night on Bald Mountain, any others??

anything by michael bolton.

A short list:[ul][li]The Reaper - Blue Oyster Cult[/li][li]Witchy Woman - The Eagles[/li][li]I Put a Spell on You - Creedence Clearwater Revival (Several other Creedence songs also have a creepy vibe. E.g., “Run Through the Jungle,” “Bad Moon on the Rise,” and “Suzie Q,” which has a spooky guitar lick.)[/li][li]Moon Over Bourbon Street - Sting (Anne Rice vampire song from Dream of the Blue Turtles[/li][li]The Devil Went Down to Georgia - Charlie Daniels Band[/li][li]Moondance - Van Morrison (For that line about dancing “'neath the cover of October skies”.[/li][li]Spooky - Either the Dennis Yost and the Classics IV version or the Atlanta Rhythym Section’s version[/li][li]Tubular Bells - from the Exorcist soundtrack[/li][li]Swamp Witch - Jim Stafford[/li][li]The Cure’s “Spiderman” song. That’s not the actual title. Does anyone know the real title. It’s on the Fascination CD.[/li][li]Blue Moon - Cowboy Junkies version[/li][li]Misguided Angel - Cowboy Junkies[/li]Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon[/ul]

Some more:[ul][li]Ghost Riders in the Sky - This has been performed by many artists. Seems like Johnny Cash does a good version, if you can find it.[/li][li]Hotel California - The Eagles[/li][li]Planet Claire - B-52’s (For a little science fiction.)[/li][li]Wolves, Lower - R.E.M.[/li][li]Lobotomy - The Ramones[/li][li]Riders on the Storm - The Doors[/li][li]The End - The Doors[/li][li]Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack[/li][li]Dead Man’s Party - Oingo Boingo[/li]Weird Science - Oingo Boingo[/ul]

When my wife and her sister were little girls, my mother-in-law used to run the Frank Zappa album WEASELS RIPPED MY FLESH on a continuous tape loop throughout the Halloween evening.

Musique concrete, avant-garde jazz, atonal blues, and good ol’ rock and roll. Makes excellent background music.

Halloween by Helloween
Black Sabbath by Black Sabbath
I’m sure there are more but I can’t think of any right now.

Um, Don’t Pay the Ferryman by Styx?

‘Hounds of Love’ by Kate Bush. The WHOLE second side.

The Legend of Wooly Swamp - Charlie Daniels
Brain Damage - Pink Floyd
Hey You - Pink Floyd
Actually, any Pink Floyd would work

I think Chris DeBurgh did this song, not Styx.

For a funkier groove…

“Concerto of the Desperado” by the Roots

Almost anything by Portishead or Massive Attack

There’s a song called something like “Thunder Clap” on Outkast’s most recent album that is creepy too.

Didn’t TAFKA The Fresh Prince do “There’s a Nightmare on My Street”?

Crazy Train always reminds me of Halloween. It’s the “Ay Ay Ay” part.

Danzig. I know, I know.

Rocky Horror songs are appropriate.

“Bloodletting (The Vampire Song)” by Concrete Blonde.

A few more:[ul][li]Red Rain - Peter Gabriel[/li][li]Hell (In the Afterlife) - Sqirrel Nut Zippers[/li][li]Nemesis - Shriekback ("…Everybody happy as the dead come home…")[/li]Friend of the Devil - Grateful Dead[/ul]

Black #1 by Type O Negative

Wot, no Purple People Eater?

[ul][li]Red Angel Dragnet - The Clash (from Combat Rock) (Lyrics allude to Jack the Ripper)[/li][li]She’s Got a New Spell - Billy Bragg ("…the next thing I know, she’s mumbling in Latin…")[/li]Rhiannon - Stevie Nicks / Fleetwood Mac[/ul]

Hell’s Bells by AC/DC

[ul]Lullaby - The Cure (This is the “Spiderman” song to which I referred above. It’s on the Disintegration CD.)[/ul]

Still more:
[li]“Frankenstein” by the Edgar Winter Group[/li][li]“Antichrist Superstar” by Marilyn Manson[/li][li]“Welcome To My Nightmare” by Alice Cooper[/li][li]“Phantom of The Paradise” soundtrack by Paul Williams[/li][li]“In the Court of the Crimson King” by King Crimson[/li]“Revolution Number Nine” by The Beatles (on the White Album, very creepy to listen to at night)

There was a song a few years back but I cannot for the life of me remember who did it. It was called “Black No. 9” and it had some creepy organ work; I always thought it was very Halloween-y.