Songs you "missed" the first time

You’ve heard the song once or twice, and it fails to impress…then
suddenly the tune reveals itself in all its glory.

One that did it for me was “High Fidelity” by Elvis Costello. Someone
dumped a bunch of random cassettes on me while back; “Get Happy” was
one of those, and now HF gets cranked to maximum volume in the car
whenever it comes around. Anyone pulling up beside will notice the
apparent pleasure.

A few more of mine:

“Twilight” - The Band
“Never Say Goodbye” - Bob Dylan (Planet Waves)
“Howard Johnson’s Got His Hojo Working” - NRBQ
“Let It Loose” - Rolling Stones
“1952 Vincent Black Lightning” - Richard Thompson (I knew is was good
when I first heard it, but now its been elevated to flawless, and
causes me to tear up nearly every time)