Songs you MUST crank up while driving

“Boys republic” - deftones

“Clarissa” - mindless self indulgence

“Speechless” - fenixtx

“Miles Away” - goldfinger

“makes no difference” - sum41

“ordinary world(duran duran cover)” - fenixtx

“Sweet Home Alabama” after all, it says “turn it up” right as it starts, and I always do what I’m told.

“Date Rape”, by Sublime
“What would you do?”, by City High
“Perfect Gentleman”, by Wyclef Jean
anything on the Coyote Ugly soundtrack

Just some recent tunes that get me goin…:
Saves the Day-Funeral, Rock TOnic Juice Magic, You Vandal, Car and Calories

Alkaline Trio-Chainsaw, Private Eye…

Velvet Acid Christ-Phucking Phreak, Zix Zix Zix

New Order- 1965, Vanishing Point, True Faith…

Tool-Schism, Parabola

Winterkalte-Rebound Effect vs Sustainability, Saint Jarna

Feindflug- Stukas Im Vieser, Stormtod

Practically anything Rush related.

Head Like A Hole, Down In It, or Closer by Nine In Nails.

The Humpty Dance and Freaks Of The Industry by Digital Underground.

California by Tupac

That “Cut my life into pieces” song by Pappa Roach.

about 90% of everything The Toadies play (Especially Possum Kingdom, I Burn, Little Sin and Dollskin).

Do You Really Wanna Touch It by Monifa.

Various songs by Prince (Pussy Control, Let’s Go Crazy, Get Off).

Basket Case by Green Day

I Remember and The Brothers by Jungle Brothers

History Repeating by Propellerheads

On The Road Again by Willy Nelson

Blue Budda by Thrill Kill Kult

Pantera’s “Respect”. Staind’s “Mudshovel”, “Just Go”, or anything off Tormented. Any and all Tool, particularily “H”, “Eulogy”, and “The Grudge”. And Sevendust’s “Bitch” usually makes me increase my speed by at least 15mph. I don’t know why.


That’s what you get for livin’ in New Jersey. :d&r:

“Louie Louie”–Kingsmen :wink:
“If Ya Wanna Be Happy”–Jimmy Soul
“Suddenly”–artist unknown (“suddenly…the wheels are in motion”) :slight_smile:
“Overjoyed”–Stevie Wonder
“So Much in Love”–Tymes :slight_smile: tears
“Snoopy vs. the Red Baron”–Royal Guardsmen

“Life is a Highway”
“You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet”

Any GOOD old 80’s music
Any GOOD old disco (yeah yeah call it cheesy but Stayin’ Alive really gets me pumped up in the car)

“Da Funk” by Daft Punk. Aka “that electronic “wa, wah-wah-wah, wah-wah-wah”” song that nobody knows the name of.

“Du Hast” by Rammstein

Have to third (Nth?) “Runnin’ Down a Dream” by Tom Petty.

“Last Resort”

Would it be wrong, would it be right
If I took my life tonight?
Chance are dynamite.

Black on Black – Heart
Her Strut – Bob Seger
Touch Too Much – AC/DC
Shadows Of The Night – Pat Benatar
Mississippi Queen – Mountain
Roll On Down The Highway – BTO
Call Me – Blondie
Rebel Yell – Billy Idol
Cry Me A River – Joe Cocker
Rock And Roll Fantasy – Bad Company
All Right Now – Free
Panama – Van Halen
Talk Talk – Talk Talk
Sweet Child O’Mine – Guns N’Roses

Higher Love-Steve Winwood
Cotton Fields-Creedence C.R.
Everyday People -Sly&Fam Stone
Leave It-Yes
Fooling Yourself (the Angry Young Man)-Styx
Levon-Elton John
Life is a Highway-Tom Cochrane
Love Letter-Bonnie Raitt
Show Business Kids kids-Steely Dan
Slow Ride-Foghat
Heartbreaker-Pat Benatar
Baba O’Riley-The Who
South Side of the Sky-Yes
Bad Company-Bad Company
Closer to Heaven-Alan Parsons
Do It Again-Steely Dan
And You And I-Yes
Downtown-Petula Clark
Dust in the Wind-Kansas
Flashdance (What a Feeling)-Irene Cara
Jack & Diane-John Mellencamp
layla-derek &the dominoes
Life’s Been Good-Joe Walsh
Like a Rolling Stone-Jimi Hendrix
Love the One You’re With-CSN
Lucifer-Alan Parsons
Kashmir-Led Zeppelin
Summer '68-Pink Floyd
My My, Hey Hey-Neil Young
Real World-Alan Parsons
Meat Loaf-Bat Out of Hell (the title track)
Sagrada Familia-Alan Parsons
Sunny Came Home-Shawn Colvin
Close to the Edge-Yes
Take The Long Way Home-Supertramp
Prophet Song-Queen
Dogs-Pink Floyd
Castle Walls-Styx
I’m the Only One-Melissa Etheridge
Rock On- David Essex
The Battle of Evermore-Led Zeppelin
Running On Empty-Jackson Browne
Your Move-Yes
Song Is Over - the Who
Welcome to the Machine-Pink Floyd
Walking On Broken Glass (Annie Lenox)
Won’t Get Fooled Again-The Who

::looks up, looks around at audience’s glazed eyes::

Sorry, got a little carried away there I guess…

“Back in Black”-AC/DC
“Welcome to the Jungle”-Guns and Roses
“Crazy Train”-Ozzy
“Sweet Home Alabama”-Skynyrd
“Cold Gin”- K.I.S.S.
“Revolution Is My Name”-Pantera
“You Shook Me All Night Long”-AC/DC
“The Blood The Sweat The Tears”-Machine Head
“When I Come Around”-Green Day
“Call to Arms”-Dropkick Murphys

These do it for me. Fun thread

Soundgarden-Burden in my Hand, Big Dumb Sex (always fun when next to minivan at a light)

Most Offspring, especially Bad Habit

Sublime-Under My Voodoo, DJ’s

Save Ferris-Come on Eileen

David Byrne and some sultry Portuguese Woman-Waters of March on Red, Hot and Rio

Rage Against The Machine-Renegades of Funk

Blind Melon-3 is the Magic Number (from Schoolhouse Rocks!)

I love this board. Just as I was running out of MP3s to download, this hits the spot. But enough intro. Here we go:[sub]And it is going to take a lot to narrow this down.[/sub]

Alanis Moresette - Uninvited
Billy Joel - Piano Man
Black Crows - Hard To Handle
Bob Seger - Old Time Rock And Roll
Cab Calloway - Minnie The Moucher
Counting Crows - Mr. Jones
Creed - Higher
Don Henley - Boys Of Summer
Enigma feat. Enya - Return To Innocence
Green Day - Minority
Jennifer Lopez - Feeling So Good
Journey - Don’t Stop Believing
Kool And The Gang - Celebration
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing
Notorious BIG - Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems
Rouque Heat Wave - Boogie Nights
Soft Cell - Tainted Love
Stroke 9 - Little Black Backpack
The Sweet - Little Willy
Tom Petty - Freefalling[sub]Oh Crap…I’m getting long here.[/sub]
Trick Daddy - Take It To The House
Van Morrison - Brown Eyed Girl
Venga Boys - Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom

AND: All Classical Music.

There’s a lot of tunes I love to crank, but some that I just can’t resist:
Paint it Black - Rolling Stones
The Zoo - Scorpions
Three Lock Box, I Can’t Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar
Signs - Five Man Electrical Band
Rolling Stone - Dr. Hook and the New Medicine Show
Tusk - Fleetwood Mac
Live Wire - Mötley Crüe
Should I Stay or Should I Go? - The Clash
In A Gadda Da Vida - Iron Butterfly
Dream On - Aerosmith
1812 Overture (assuming the speakers can handle it!)

<watching the image on the monitor ripple to the strains of Should I Stay or Should I Go?>

Many of the ones already mentioned, plus

Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith!

Some of your DJs sure have a liberal translation of what qualifies as “Classic Rock.” Sheesh.

I am a nice, conservative, plumpish, suburb-living, Honda-driving mother. But when AC/DC comes on, I must crank.

All of mine are pretty much covered already, except for Steppenwolf’s Magic Carpet Ride.

I also hope that I’m not the only person here who feels just a little bit odd hearing songs I grew up with on the Classic Rock station.